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Product development must be continuously improved

Those who do not continuously optimize their development processes reduce their competitiveness. Technical product development is in a continuous change. It is expected that systems with increasing complexity are developed with a high quality level at a decreasing cost and in ever shorter time. At the same time global competition is increasing and the entry hurdles into established markets are getting lower. New players claim that they deliver much better products at lower cost. Increasingly companies realize that this evolution demands pro-active improvements.

Vector Consulting Services supports companies in different industries, such as automotive, transport, information and communication, systems engineering and industrial automation.

Your excellence is our objective

Professional consulting, innovative solutions and outstanding quality are our trademarks. Your excellence is our goal. Our services provide you with the necessary assurance to move in the right direction. For all improvement projects our customers have reached their upfront stated objectives.

Partnership is our ambition

Success creates trust. It is your success which is the yardstick for our own success. Our aim is to build lasting relationships which means that your changing demands will always receive suitable solutions.

Passion. Partner. Value.