Vector Consulting Services has been consulting with companies of different sizes and industries. Here are some concrete examples of projects. Let us know if you are interested in details on methodology and results.


  • Optimizing of engineering processes in system, software and hardware development, development of electromechanical components, semiconductor development, etc.
  • Performing process and project assessments according to CMMI and (Automotive) SPICE
  • Conducting supplier audits

Efficiency Improvement

  • Cost reduction for product development
  • Interface and supply chain optimization in a globally distributed development
  • Variant management and variant reduction
  • Introduction of product families for platform development

Functional Safety

  • Introduction and implementation of IEC 61508 / ISO 26262
  • Implementation of safety assessments
  • Moderation and implementation of risk analysis, FMEA, FTA
  • Training, coaching and competence development
  • Ensuring information security in distributed systems

Engineering Methodology

  • Quality improvement by early defect detection through the use of reviews, design and code analysis, etc.
  • Selection, implementation, deployment and optimization of engineering tools throughout the product lifecycle
  • Optimizing product life-cycle management (PLM)
  • Introduction of requirements engineering with DOORS
  • Introduction of an integrated systems engineering methodology with tools support

Project and Product Management

  • Optimizing distributed development by means of outsourcing, offshoring, and efficient collaboration models
  • Introduction and implementation of risk management
  • Improvement of portfolio and product management
  • Competence development for project managers and product managers

Organizational Change Management

  • Implementation of objective-driven changes (i.e., organizational changes) with measurable and sustainable results (project content as described above)
  • Implementing the merger of two engineering units
  • Developing a business model for engineering and distribution of software components
  • Coaching of employees at different sites and companies for outsourcing with India

Client References:

Vector Consulting Services delivered a high quality of work in the shortest possible time. We were extremely satisfied with their project safety assessment, the identified measures and the proposed roadmap.
(Dr. Oliver Koester, Manager Product Engineering & Validation, Yazaki Europe Ltd.)

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