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  1. China spearheads digital transformation. Its overall innovation budget today is close to OECD average of 2.5% and exceeds that of EU in total numbers. #Tencent, #Baidu and #Alibaba deploy digital transformation at high speed, e.g. paying Metro with WeChat. pic.twitter.com/idnseipvxa

  2. Vector Consulting @VectorVCS is now on YouTube. Watch our short videos and in-depth podcasts on topics such as functional safety, requirements engineering, cybersecurity, and more to come. Directly start here: vector.com/Consulting-You…

  3. The next #ISPMA Software Product Management Summit will be April 2019. To get most value please participate in the 3-minute survey on your product management needs, challenges and potential focus topics: surveymonkey.com/r/PYBPY96

  4. Vector FunctionalSafety BestPractices Webinar EN: youtu.be/DETNGlJQK_M?a über @YouTube

  5. Autonomous driving #vic18. Plein old test coverage is not enough. Need for comprehensive modeling: vehicle, traffic, road, sensors. Autonomous SW is verified with HIL/SIL simulation and extensive real-drive tests. pic.twitter.com/lIUAtbEbHK

  6. Can India be the hub for automotive electronics? Join Vector India Congress in Bengaluru and get latest trends from #Mahindra, #MercedesBenz, #JohnDeere, #Bosch and #VectorVCS. Free registration: in.vector.com/vh_vector_indi…

  7. Agile scaling @zf for complex systems with @VectorVCS. Agile methods are tailored for safety critical systems up to ASIL D, large projects with up to 100 developers and different Stakeholders and suppliers. Benefits: Collaboration, alignment, efficiency, speed.

  8. Agile has arrived in critical systems. #Essence today elaborates key success factors @VectorVCS Forum. Agile scaling follows phased approach. Stabilize, Hybrid agile, Drop. Agile is not a process. It is a state of mind.

  9. Agile scales for hardware development. #ABB shares experiences in scaling #agile for HW @VectorVCS Forum 2018. Recommendation: Plan and budget expertise sharing across teams for each increment. Benefit: More on-time deliveries and faster support reaction time.

  10. Agile methodologies and frameworks can be found everywhere. But often they are more of a slogan than a sustainable way of working. Follow here and learn hands-on agile day-to-day from #ABB, #Bosch, Essence, #Ford, #ZF during Vector Forum week @VectorVCS . vector.com/forum

  11. Follow-the-sun has evolved to follow-the-talent. #productmanagement connects with global development because market decisions have technical impact, and vice versa. Read empirical study @VectorVCS on product management in global teams @ICGSE. vector.com/portal/medien/…

  12. Barry Boehm, long-time evangelist on software engineering economics and risk management, joined #ICGSE sponsored by #VectorVCS. Global software engineering competence is key success factor in today software-driven economies. pic.twitter.com/3FpfAcwMDu

  13. Make distributed software projects a success. Join Int. Conf. on Global Software Engineering @ICGSE on 28/29. May sponsored by @VectorVCS. Keynote by #Zenuity: ”Agile Transformation and Challenges in the Automotive Industry.” Details: icgse.org

  14. #Agile facilitates more efficient supplier management. @SecuritasDirect claims that with the support from #VectorVCS, time to market and quality of releases improved a lot. Supply chain planning with embedded continuous quality checks, preferably automatic, are key. pic.twitter.com/Cjzxwjj5nX

  15. The web has been complex and challenging - even before the Internet as observed by @artistpollock. Many more thought-provoking and stimulating pictures together with world-famous architecture @staatsgalerie in Stuttgart. Congratulations to your 175. Birthday! pic.twitter.com/CC8MUShpg1

  16. Clients want professionalism – not excessive empathy. If they experience insufficient quality, service or a defect, they expect creative problem solving, to the point. Repeated excuses are perceived as dishonest and weak. Full study @cwru

  17. 30% cycle time reduction and enhanced delivery quality with focused product management competence and role. Learn more and join @VectorVCS presentation at International Software Product Summit on 17. April. Details: vector.com/vc_events_deta…

  18. Meet us at the International Software Product Summit on 17.-18. April in Frankfurt. Learn from industry leaders like @SAP, @Talend, @VectorVCS and Yandex on professional product management. Details and Vector promotion code: vector.com/vc_events_deta…

  19. Improve distributed development. ICGSE presents best practices on 27-29 May 2018 in Gothenburg. Keynotes @Zenuity : Agile Transformation in Automotive; Lero: Crowdsourcing. Benchmark: @VectorVCS: Software Product Management. Early bird before 1. April: icse2018.org/attending/Regi…