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  1. Autonomous driving demands Safety and Cybersecurity. #Renault and #VectorVCS showed E/E trends. Connect security with safety, because there is no safety without security. Carefully specify safety of the intended functionality (#SOTIF). Ensure testability and traceability. pic.twitter.com/1mc8cdx49C

  2. Automotive Cyber Security – Challenges and Practical Guidance: youtu.be/G0U0T5CsNsA?a über @YouTube

  3. Agile Requirements Engineering. #VectorVCS tutorial with industry case study @oop_conference. Learn how to use #agile requirements engineering with techniques such as Design Thinking, value focus, Kanban etc. 20% Discount for Vector business partners: consulting.vector.com/vc_events_deta…

  4. 2019 will boost #MachineLearning. ML is often reduced to technology alone. However, ML real value is transformation. We have to continuously improve performance vis-a-vis our customers. Whatever we are doing, ML will make it more efficient. Read more: obren359.com/collection.htm… Retweeted by Vector Consulting

  5. Agile #Scaling is not trivial, specifically in critical systems. #VectorVCS has presented experiences at #VeCo18. Read our free presentation about challenges, expertise and best practices and deepen your knowledge on Agile implementation. assets.vector.com/cms/content/co… pic.twitter.com/FxCDA2VENm

  6. Static code analysis is growing in relevance. One third of our clients are using it; more want to start. Major reason: Mitigate software security vulnerabilities, e.g. buffer overflows, use MISRA/CERT rules, address safety vulnerabilities, and better focus for test tool usage. Retweeted by Vector Consulting

  7. What industry trends and challenges matter most in 2019? We need your insight as domain expert and decision maker. Participate in our two-minute survey: vector.com/trends-survey . With some luck you will win a free copy of our popular book “Global Software and IT" of Wiley/IEEE.

  8. Consistent requirements engineering (RE) throughout the lifecycle needs strong methodology and toolchain. #Porsche has collaborated with Vector and presents its Preevision solution at Vector Congress #veco18. More info on RE method and tools from #VectorVCS pic.twitter.com/Q1OHLVJGoC

  9. Free Webinar and Podcast on 7. November: #Cybersecurity —Challenges and Practical Guidance. Security best practices and security engineering for life-cycle coverage: TARA, #AUTOSAR, Tools. Hands-on examples from #VectorVCS global projects. Register now: vector.com/webinar-securi…

  10. Agile for critical systems? Yes it works, and here are some guidelines. Watch our latest video @YouTube with experiences from #VectorGrp and #BoschGlobal . Ensuring Consistency of Critical Systems in Agile Development: youtu.be/Wbfwgyt_JVM?a Retweeted by Vector Consulting

  11. wiv and #vectorgrp hosted business forum on #Korea. Korea success has two dimensions: education and motivation. The results are strongholds like #Samsung or #Hyundai. It proved economic success is feasible - even as one of the poorest countries few decades ago. pic.twitter.com/FT9Ds9dkhu

  12. Automotive Security Meets Functional Safety 2018 @vectorgrp . Automotive OEM and Tier-1 increasingly focus on combined safety and security. They face one security related weakness per 10 KLOC operational code. Hardening takes increasing effort. Details: vector.com/va_cybersecuri…

  13. Today we celebrate 50 years of software engineering. On 7. Oct. 1968 the famous NATO Conference started in Garmisch. Triggered by the software crisis, it showed how to improve by disciplined engineering, e.g. structured programming and architecture focus. Read more @ieeesoftware Retweeted by Vector Consulting

  14. Many practical insights on requirements engineering and agile @ModernRE . Agile RE ensures to focus on value. Bosch and Vector showed industry experiences on achieving consistency in agile deliveries. Get the free presentation: vector.com/portal/medien/…

  15. Future of software development @Informatik2018 industry panel. #Agile thinking is needed in teams, companies and innovation roadmaps. More risk-taking and accepting errors, as long as we learn from them. Computer literacy must start early in school and steadily (!) advance. pic.twitter.com/q3aa8YWcq0 Retweeted by Vector Consulting

  16. Learn how to scale Agile development for critical systems with safety and cybersecurity requirements. Meet #VectorVCS at #ModernRE in Berlin this week. Visit our booth and attend our presentation with #Bosch. Get our free agile poster. modern-re.de

  17. Agile, Networked, Value-based? #VectorVCS will host round table on the future of software @GI Annual Meeting. Berlin, Thu. 27. Sep. 2018, 11:00-12:30. Join us and challenge prevailing opinions. Details: @informatikradar, DE: informatik2018.gi.de/programm/donne…

  18. Japan was historically first in hybrid, but lost ground on battery electric vehicles and digitization. This is fast changing as we observed at #Nissan and others. Formula E adds to visibility. Batteries are focus now, and #Japanese historic fuel-cell strength prepares for future. pic.twitter.com/IyeIpGxScz Retweeted by Vector Consulting

  19. Grow your competences based on real industry experience. #Vector_VCS trainings are on #Semigator Topics include: Product Management, Requirements Engineering, Agile, Cybersecurity, Defensive Coding, Systems Engineering, Functional Safety etc. semigator.de