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  1. Requirements Engineering meets Agile. See us @REConf 2019 in Munich. Join our presentation today on ensuring quality requirements in agile development. Visit @VectorVCS booth and get hands-on expert guidance. pic.twitter.com/xonldL8iik Retweeted by Vector Consulting

  2. +++ Vector #Cybersecurity Symposium 2019 +++ April 3rd, Stuttgart, Germany. Join #VectorVCS with presentation on #ISO21434 by @christofebert. Let us secure a seat for you: bit.ly/2Nyl8M4 pic.twitter.com/cVQkp2qeAC

  3. Global economy is at a turning point. The Vector survey 2019 shows top challenges in product development and IT. The mega trend: Industry convergence drives competitiveness and innovation. Read this free report with survey results and recommendations. vector.com/trends

  4. Companies invest in static code analysis to reduce security vulnerabilities. Most distributed systems are inadequately secured. #VectorVCS recommendation: Use two different tools. Even top tools have blind spots and should not be used stand-alone as our periodic benchmarks show.

  5. As software architects, many are facing the challenges in #Agile context. #VectorVCS and #Bosch have put together our practical experience and model to assure #effectiveness and suitable collaboration. Download the free presentation here: bit.ly/2VbWALp pic.twitter.com/9tvkO8fnMN

  6. #Newfactnumber2: #SystemsEngineering Training is now in our portfolio! Learn from #VectorVCS experts the foundation for successful products and architectures. Register here: bit.ly/2MrwUYf pic.twitter.com/fviFqrIHhE

  7. Projects depend on good #requirements. Our popular book “Systematic Requirements Engineering" has just been released in its 6. edition. New content covers agile RE, #designthinking and the fully updated evaluation of RE tools. Details and text extracts: > dpunkt.de/buecher/13121/…

  8. Welche Erfahrung hat @vectorgrp bei der #agile #Transformation eines Beraterteams gemacht? Im Vortrag von Ulrich Bodenhausen werden die Veränderungsschritte dargestellt & Best Practices aus der Einführung von Agilität in SW- und HW-Entwicklung aufgezeigt agile-beyond-it.de/agenda/vortrae… pic.twitter.com/FgbiT1DJWC Retweeted by Vector Consulting

  9. #Newfactnumber1: #VectorVCS now offers all #opentrainings in both English and German. Reserve the training of your choice here from our #trainingcalendar: bit.ly/2MrwUYf

  10. Have you registered for our coming webinar #FunctionalSafety and #ISO2626? This month we will also touch more on the topic of #SOTIF #ISO21448 and 2nd edition of #ISO26262. Sign up now and stay tuned: bit.ly/2SD9tAA

  11. Need some Tuesday inspiration and further develop your knowledge on #Agile Solutions for Project and Process? This is it: youtube.com/watch?v=IfxOBj…

  12. The 6th edition of our popular book "Systematisches Requirements Engineering" is available. #Agile development, design thinking, distributed teams and soft skills are among the deepened topics. consulting.vector.com/vc_requirement… #requirementsengineering #christofebert #softwaredevelopment pic.twitter.com/vn5Uoyb2eW

  13. Over 100 participants joined @VectorVCS workshop at 2019 AUTO Cyber Security in Korea. Our expert showed how #cybersecurity and #safety make an indispensable pair of quality in distributed IT systems. Find out more: vcs.com/consulting-sec… pic.twitter.com/FWwDixp0Eo

  14. +++ Training: Requirements Engineering, IREB CPRE FL+++ Feb 6th to 8th, Stuttgart, Germany. Register now: bit.ly/2MrwUYf pic.twitter.com/RmkW0leB3e

  15. #OOPmuc has started in Munich and highlights the IT-embedded convergence. twitter.com/christofebert/…

  16. How much #safety is necessary from a liability perspective? Which sections of #ISO26262 are relevant? Here is the webinar to learn from our safety experts @VectorVCS and to up your competitive edges: y2u.be/uTaBtpN0AFo

  17. Agile projects need agile requirements practices such as #designthinking . Join our tutorial today on Agile Requirements Engineering at #OOPmuc in Munich. Here a sneak preview with agile best practices from industry: assets.vector.com/cms/content/co…

  18. Autonomous driving demands Safety and Cybersecurity. #Renault and #VectorVCS showed E/E trends. Connect security with safety, because there is no safety without security. Carefully specify safety of the intended functionality (#SOTIF). Ensure testability and traceability. pic.twitter.com/1mc8cdx49C

  19. Automotive Cyber Security – Challenges and Practical Guidance: youtu.be/G0U0T5CsNsA?a über @YouTube