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  1. #Agile teams are best suited for #innovation and #competitiveness. This is how we as consulting team are scaling agile for our own environment: bit.ly/2Gn9oJm

  2. Combined #safety and #security analysis and test improve efficiency. #VectorVCS training in Shanghai highlights success factors and use of Vector tools. Practice hint: Establish modular document structure for safety case to ease updates and traceability. vector-academy.com/vi_class_funct…

  3. Agile product management is the race of the elephant with greyhounds. Never be satisfied. Do and use your SWOT often. Reinvent your business. Meet us today and chat with leading product managers in Frankfurt @ispma_org 2019 software product summit. pic.twitter.com/DBjc0mJtiz Retweeted by Vector Consulting

  4. The Vector Security Symposium 2019 was a big success. Over 200 international attendees listened to presentations of Aptiv, BMW, Conti, Thales, #VectorVCS, #VectorGrp amongst others. Further info and free access to white papers, podcasts, etc. at vector.com/security pic.twitter.com/rVfXFqfQ3V

  5. 70% of security weaknesses are exploited by third parties. Get insight on #cybersecurity. Aptiv, #BMW, #Continental, Sysgo, #VectorVCS amongst others show latest trends and best practice to harden systems. Join our free event or download white papers. pic.twitter.com/QFJZiCLicp Retweeted by Vector Consulting

  6. #Cybersecurity is today necessary for every engineer. #VectorVCS training shows how cybersecurity can be successfully implemented in #automotive systems. Take a sneak peek: bit.ly/2uHPIue

  7. Automotive #CyberSecurity is more than only TARA and crypto. It needs thorough development and life-cycle management. Watch new #VectorVCS podcast with industry case studies. Learn how to use novel methods such as Grey-Box PenTest etc. consulting.vector.com/portal/medien/…

  8. The 19. international Stuttgart Symposium is highlighting major automotive trends: eMobility, autonomous driving. #ZF shows AI progress in platforms. Challenge is fast growing complexity. But there are promising solutions in systems engineering and test. pic.twitter.com/2s2VZ9i4F1 Retweeted by Vector Consulting

  9. Requirements Engineering meets Agile. See us @REConf 2019 in Munich. Join our presentation today on ensuring quality requirements in agile development. Visit @VectorVCS booth and get hands-on expert guidance. pic.twitter.com/xonldL8iik Retweeted by Vector Consulting

  10. +++ Vector #Cybersecurity Symposium 2019 +++ April 3rd, Stuttgart, Germany. Join #VectorVCS with presentation on #ISO21434 by @christofebert. Let us secure a seat for you: bit.ly/2Nyl8M4 pic.twitter.com/cVQkp2qeAC

  11. Global economy is at a turning point. The Vector survey 2019 shows top challenges in product development and IT. The mega trend: Industry convergence drives competitiveness and innovation. Read this free report with survey results and recommendations. vector.com/trends

  12. Companies invest in static code analysis to reduce security vulnerabilities. Most distributed systems are inadequately secured. #VectorVCS recommendation: Use two different tools. Even top tools have blind spots and should not be used stand-alone as our periodic benchmarks show.

  13. As software architects, many are facing the challenges in #Agile context. #VectorVCS and #Bosch have put together our practical experience and model to assure #effectiveness and suitable collaboration. Download the free presentation here: bit.ly/2VbWALp pic.twitter.com/9tvkO8fnMN

  14. #Newfactnumber2: #SystemsEngineering Training is now in our portfolio! Learn from #VectorVCS experts the foundation for successful products and architectures. Register here: bit.ly/2MrwUYf pic.twitter.com/fviFqrIHhE

  15. Projects depend on good #requirements. Our popular book “Systematic Requirements Engineering" has just been released in its 6. edition. New content covers agile RE, #designthinking and the fully updated evaluation of RE tools. Details and text extracts: > dpunkt.de/buecher/13121/…

  16. Welche Erfahrung hat @vectorgrp bei der #agile #Transformation eines Beraterteams gemacht? Im Vortrag von Ulrich Bodenhausen werden die Veränderungsschritte dargestellt & Best Practices aus der Einführung von Agilität in SW- und HW-Entwicklung aufgezeigt agile-beyond-it.de/agenda/vortrae… pic.twitter.com/FgbiT1DJWC Retweeted by Vector Consulting

  17. #Newfactnumber1: #VectorVCS now offers all #opentrainings in both English and German. Reserve the training of your choice here from our #trainingcalendar: bit.ly/2MrwUYf

  18. Have you registered for our coming webinar #FunctionalSafety and #ISO2626? This month we will also touch more on the topic of #SOTIF #ISO21448 and 2nd edition of #ISO26262. Sign up now and stay tuned: bit.ly/2SD9tAA

  19. Need some Tuesday inspiration and further develop your knowledge on #Agile Solutions for Project and Process? This is it: youtube.com/watch?v=IfxOBj…

  20. The 6th edition of our popular book "Systematisches Requirements Engineering" is available. #Agile development, design thinking, distributed teams and soft skills are among the deepened topics. consulting.vector.com/vc_requirement… #requirementsengineering #christofebert #softwaredevelopment pic.twitter.com/vn5Uoyb2eW