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  1. Projects depend on good #requirements. Our popular book “Systematic Requirements Engineering" has just been released in its 6. edition. New content covers agile RE, #designthinking and the fully updated evaluation of RE tools. Details and text extracts: > dpunkt.de/buecher/13121/…

  2. Welche Erfahrung hat @vectorgrp bei der #agile #Transformation eines Beraterteams gemacht? Im Vortrag von Ulrich Bodenhausen werden die Veränderungsschritte dargestellt & Best Practices aus der Einführung von Agilität in SW- und HW-Entwicklung aufgezeigt agile-beyond-it.de/agenda/vortrae… pic.twitter.com/FgbiT1DJWC Retweeted by Vector Consulting

  3. #Newfactnumber1: #VectorVCS now offers all #opentrainings in both English and German. Reserve the training of your choice here from our #trainingcalendar: bit.ly/2MrwUYf

  4. Have you registered for our coming webinar #FunctionalSafety and #ISO2626? This month we will also touch more on the topic of #SOTIF #ISO21448 and 2nd edition of #ISO26262. Sign up now and stay tuned: bit.ly/2SD9tAA

  5. Need some Tuesday inspiration and further develop your knowledge on #Agile Solutions for Project and Process? This is it: youtube.com/watch?v=IfxOBj…

  6. The 6th edition of our popular book "Systematisches Requirements Engineering" is available. #Agile development, design thinking, distributed teams and soft skills are among the deepened topics. consulting.vector.com/vc_requirement… #requirementsengineering #christofebert #softwaredevelopment pic.twitter.com/vn5Uoyb2eW

  7. Over 100 participants joined @VectorVCS workshop at 2019 AUTO Cyber Security in Korea. Our expert showed how #cybersecurity and #safety make an indispensable pair of quality in distributed IT systems. Find out more: vcs.com/consulting-sec… pic.twitter.com/FWwDixp0Eo

  8. +++ Training: Requirements Engineering, IREB CPRE FL+++ Feb 6th to 8th, Stuttgart, Germany. Register now: bit.ly/2MrwUYf pic.twitter.com/RmkW0leB3e

  9. #OOPmuc has started in Munich and highlights the IT-embedded convergence. twitter.com/christofebert/…

  10. How much #safety is necessary from a liability perspective? Which sections of #ISO26262 are relevant? Here is the webinar to learn from our safety experts @VectorVCS and to up your competitive edges: y2u.be/uTaBtpN0AFo

  11. Agile projects need agile requirements practices such as #designthinking . Join our tutorial today on Agile Requirements Engineering at #OOPmuc in Munich. Here a sneak preview with agile best practices from industry: assets.vector.com/cms/content/co…

  12. Autonomous driving demands Safety and Cybersecurity. #Renault and #VectorVCS showed E/E trends. Connect security with safety, because there is no safety without security. Carefully specify safety of the intended functionality (#SOTIF). Ensure testability and traceability. pic.twitter.com/1mc8cdx49C

  13. Automotive Cyber Security – Challenges and Practical Guidance: youtu.be/G0U0T5CsNsA?a über @YouTube

  14. Agile Requirements Engineering. #VectorVCS tutorial with industry case study @oop_conference. Learn how to use #agile requirements engineering with techniques such as Design Thinking, value focus, Kanban etc. 20% Discount for Vector business partners: consulting.vector.com/vc_events_deta…

  15. 2019 will boost #MachineLearning. ML is often reduced to technology alone. However, ML real value is transformation. We have to continuously improve performance vis-a-vis our customers. Whatever we are doing, ML will make it more efficient. Read more: obren359.com/collection.htm… Retweeted by Vector Consulting

  16. Agile #Scaling is not trivial, specifically in critical systems. #VectorVCS has presented experiences at #VeCo18. Read our free presentation about challenges, expertise and best practices and deepen your knowledge on Agile implementation. assets.vector.com/cms/content/co… pic.twitter.com/FxCDA2VENm

  17. Static code analysis is growing in relevance. One third of our clients are using it; more want to start. Major reason: Mitigate software security vulnerabilities, e.g. buffer overflows, use MISRA/CERT rules, address safety vulnerabilities, and better focus for test tool usage. Retweeted by Vector Consulting

  18. What industry trends and challenges matter most in 2019? We need your insight as domain expert and decision maker. Participate in our two-minute survey: vector.com/trends-survey . With some luck you will win a free copy of our popular book “Global Software and IT" of Wiley/IEEE.

  19. Consistent requirements engineering (RE) throughout the lifecycle needs strong methodology and toolchain. #Porsche has collaborated with Vector and presents its Preevision solution at Vector Congress #veco18. More info on RE method and tools from #VectorVCS pic.twitter.com/Q1OHLVJGoC