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Vector book on "Software Measurement" released

Software Measurement
Establish - Extract - Evaluate - Execute
Christof Ebert and Reiner Dumke
2007, 561 pages, 157 illustrations, hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-540-71648-8

Our world and our society are shaped and increasingly governed by software. Since software is so ubiquitous and embedded in nearly everything we are doing, we need to stay in control. We have to make sure that the systems and their software are running as we intend - or better. Software measurement is the discipline that assures that we stay in control.

In this volume, authors Ebert and Dumke provide a comprehensive introduction to software measurement. They detail knowledge and experiences about software measurement in an easily understood, hands-on presentation. Brief references are embedded from world-renown experts such as Alain Abran, Luigi Buglione, Manfred Bundschuh, David N. Card, Ton Dekkers, Robert L. Glass, David A. Gustafson, Marek Leszak, Peter Liggesmeyer, Andreas Schmietendorf, Harry Sneed, Charles Symons, Ruediger Zarnekow and Horst Zuse. Many examples and case studies are provided from Global 100 companies such as Alcatel-Lucent, Atos Origin, Axa, Bosch, Deloitte, Deutsche Telekom, Shell, Siemens and Vector Consulting.

This combination of methodologies and applications makes the book ideally suited for both professionals in the software industry and for scientists looking for benchmarks and experiences. Besides the many practical hints and checklists readers will also appreciate the large reference list, which includes links to metrics communities where project experiences are shared.

Read the book, if you need to...
  • evaluate and optimize your software
  • benefit from hands-on guidance for improving software
  • learn from industry benchmarks
  • make your projects, employees, products and solutions more successful.


"People who design and develop software like to call themselves software 'engineers'. Yet few organizations have really institutionalized measurement of their products and processes, surely the most basic requirement of any engineering discipline. A partial excuse is that the field of software metrics struggles to keep up with the fast-evolving field of software development. This book is bang up-to-date in both fields and packed with practical advice. For every software 'engineer'." - Charles R. Symons, SMS Ltd., London, UK

"Looking on the book contents, size, additional expert authors, etc. I think it will become 'the' excellent source for software metrics in the next years; my congrat's!" - Marek Leszak, Alcatel-Lucent, Nuremberg, Germany

"Congratulations for this great work - you did major improvements to the book which we used in our teaching in software measurement at our university." - Alain Abran, École de technologie supérieure, Montréal, Canada