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Improve Your Performance: Vector Efficiency Check and Benchmarking Suite

Our offer to you: The Vector Efficiency-CheckEfficiency and complexity are your major challenges for products and IT as indicated in our customer survey 2016. Worldwide cost pressure and the need to best utilize scarce ressources demand a close look to engineering efficiency and productivity. It is necessary to utilize well-known but also hidden efficiency potentials.

What do the best companies do differently, and how you can benefit from them? This means product management, planning, metrics, projects, IT, rework, technical debt, architectures and suppliers.

Vector Consulting Services offers experiences and the necessary support to optimize your development processes, IT projects and the related infrastructure. Together with our clients we routinely achieve significant efficiency improvements in their development and IT. Our systematic and proven methodology yields tangible cost reductions. Embark on our know-how to discover your own efficiency potentials and thus to fast and reliably improve your engineering cost.

Our offer to you:
The Vector Efficiency Check and Benchmarking Suite

The starting point for your own efficiency program is the Vector Efficiency Check — a tailored and proven approach for objective-driven efficiency improvement. The Vector Efficiency-Check provides concrete answers to urgent challenges, namely:

  • Analysis of your situation: What is your position?
  • Evaluation of your situation: What are others doing better?
  • Guidance: What should you do to improve?

The efficiency check will be delivered within 1-3 days on-site. It is based on a systematic analysis together with industry benchmarks and delivers a prioritized topic list highlighting where improvements in your engineering have most short-term impact. Further bechmarks on the basis of our experience database will pinpoint on concrete improvement potential.

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