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Free Webinar: 9 Essentials for Distributed Teams and Projects, 1 PMI PDU Credit (24. Jan. 2018)

Free Vector Webinar presented globally together with ITMPI CAI Trainings:

9 Essentials for Distributed Teams and Projects

Approved by the PMI: 1.0 PDU Credit

Wed. 24. January 2018
17:00 - 18:30 CET (Paris, Stuttgart)
11:00 am - 12:30 pm EST (New York)
00:00 - 01:30 CST (Shanghai)
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US TOLL: +1-415-655-0001
Access code: 668 753 808

Facilitating distributed teams and projects have rapidly become a key competence for any IT and software manager. But the vast majority of such distributed activities do not deliver to targets, and half of them fail. Challenges vary, be it collaborating in distributed teams, handling cultural diversity and multisite projects, optimizing remote capacities, or managing suppliers.

This webinar of renowned industry expert Christof Ebert summarizes concrete experiences and guidance from industry. It looks to techniques and tools for successfully handling global software development and sourcing. He offers many practical hints and concrete explanations to make distributed teams and projects a success. During the webinar the attendees can directly raise questions to get first-hand insight into state of practice with distributed projects and teams as well as new thoughts and trends that will shape the future.

The webinar addresses in detail
-    Developers and engineers looking for guidance and best practice in collaborative teams.
-    Software and IT managers who want to make their distributed teams and projects and sites successful.
-    Project managers and project teams who want to succeed with their distributed activities.
-    Product managers and R&D managers taking advantage of globalization.
-    Procurement interested in making sourcing of development partners more effective.
-    Suppliers trying to understand best practices and what needs drive their clients.

The webinar covers topics such as managing people in distributed sites, managing a project across locations, mitigating the risk of offshoring, processes for global development, practical outsourcing guidelines, communication and effective collaboration technologies. Based on the author’s vast experiences through the past two decades in setting up and managing global engineering sites, it shares best practices from companies of different size, organization layout, cultures and industries around the globe. Perhaps most relevant even, the webinar highlights means and strategies to survive in a globally dispersed work environment. Session attendees can raise specific questions from industry practice or academic research to get first-hand insight into state of practice as well as new thoughts and trends that will shape the future of global software and IT.

It is useful for several purposes, namely
-    Hands-on experiences with opportunities, lessons learned, and risks.
-    Practical insights for industry practitioners and managers.
-    Helping each single reader to improve his global software activities.

Target audience:

  • Software engineers in distributed teams and projects
  • Team leads and Line managers in distributed projects and teams
  • Project managers
  • Experts and managers from procurement / sourcing and quality
  • Consultants

Dr. Christof Ebert is managing director at Vector Consulting Services. He is helping clients worldwide to improve technical product development and to manage organizational changes. Prior to that, he held senior management positions for ten years at a world leader in IT. Over the years he had set up several offshoring sites and supported numerous companies in mitigating global software engineering and outsourcing risks and thus get concrete benefits from such programs. He is the author of "Global Software and IT", Wiley. He serves on the executive board of the IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE) series, is a professor at the University of Stuttgart and Sorbonne in Paris. Contact him at

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