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Current topic: DevOps Practice

DevOps breaks organizational silos and thus accelerates delivery. DevOps principles apply not only for cloud and IT services but for most industries, including critical systems. Read the blog and learn from a recent case study of using DevOps methodologies in critical domains...
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On our blog: Products get increasingly complex. An exploding number of technologies hits the markets. Our blog evaluates and explains worthwhile technologies. We provide the state of the practice for decision makers and practitioners. Let us know of any further question or stimulus.

Vector Consulting Services is writing for prestigious IEEE in IEEE Software journal and blogging at "Computing Now".

Our blogs are authored by Christof Ebert, managing director at Vector Consulting Services. Column and blog promote sharing of technology experiences from a user perspective. We will provide concise, hands-on information on methods, technologies, processes and practices we consider relevant to industry. We provide guidance for those who don’t have the time to cover the relevant journals, conferences and trade shows.

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