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Lean Development: Potentials, Principles and Practices

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This webinar with Dr. Christof Ebert introduces to lean principles and practices. It provides concrete guidelines and a step-by-step case study. The webinar highlights the presenters broad experiences in introducing lean development with a focus on lean transition and lessons learned.
To survive in a fast changing environment, we need to continuously improve productivity, reduce rework, and optimize product strategies. Lean development and lean management offer the right ingredients: Eliminating waste, empowering teams, delivering as fast as possible, seeing the whole.

But there is a dark side, as recent industry experiences show. Too lean is mean. Lean often fails due to lack of vision, organizational misalignment and insufficient execution. It is thus crucial for companies to successfully manage change towards lean development. Presenter Dr. Christof Ebert, managing director at Vector Consulting Services will share his broad experiences in introducing lean development. He will draw upon experiences from a variety of industries with topics such as lean transition, introducing new tools, improving development processes, and working in a global software organization. A change check is provided so that participants can address their specific challenges.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will get an overview on lean principles.
  • Get a systematic view on lean transition, specifically on change management and culture change
  • How to set up lean development in their own company
  • How to mitigate risks and problems that frequently undermine successful change

Target audience:

  • IT and engineering management
  • Business Responsibles
  • Project Managers
  • Software Engineers and IT Staff
  • Quality and process leads


Dr. Christof Ebert is managing director at Vector Consulting Services. He supports clients around the world to improve product strategy and product development and to manage organizational changes. He sits on a number of advisory and industry bodies and teaches at the University of Stuttgart. Prior to that, he held engineering and management positions for fifteen years in IT, transportation and aerospace. An internationally renowned keynote speaker, SEI certified CMMI Instructor, area editor of the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge and steering chair of the IEEE conference series on Global Software Engineering, he teaches at the University of Stuttgart and authored several books including his most recent book “Global Software and IT” published by Wiley/IEEE in 2011.

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