1. +++ Automotive #CyberSecurity – Challenges and Practical Guidance +++ June 25th from Stuttgart +++ A Vector #Webinar | Sign up for free knowledge here:

  2. #VectorForum19 is only 2 weeks away🗓️! Register now to learn hands-on from prominent industry experts about #AgileScaling. Confirmed speakers from #Bosch, #Daimler, #Festo, #KnorrBremse and @VectorVCS. Full agenda and registration here:

  3. Embedded systems and enterprise IT are converging. With heavy impacts on systems architectures, security, performance, integration. Read the full analysis of technology trends compiled by #VectorVCS and #Accenture in prestigious @ieeesoftware magazine:…

  4. +++ Webinar: Functional Safety and SOTIF +++ June 4th from Stuttgart, Germany. Learn from our experts how about principles and practice for specification, analysis, verification and validation of #FunctionalSafety and #SOTIF. Register today:

  5. +++ Training: Automotive Cybersecurity +++ June 4th in Stuttgart, Germany. Learn from our experts how #cybersecurity can be successfully implemented in automotive systems. Register today:

  6. Developing safer systems using ISO 26262, ISO 21434, and ISO 21448 was focus at #ISO26262 conference and our subsequent #VectorVCS training in Detroit. Participants were interested in synchronisation points between safety and cybersecurity starting with HARA-TARA synch.

  7. Safety today brings fully new challenges: nominal behavior and SOTIF, complex architectures and continuous OTA updates, cybersecurity etc. Learn more at #ISO26262 conference on 13.-15. May. In Detroit. #VectorVCS presents with #Bosch on agile safety.

  8. Happening right now: @vectorgrp is hosting #DevCamp in #Stuttgart 👏. Exciting topics on #AI, #Cybersecurity, #Hacking 🛠️ and beyond. This Friday can't get any better!

  9. Wondering what are the current best practices in #Cybersecurity used by industry experts? #VectorVCS demonstrates here how to implement risk-based security engineering over the entire life cycle. Happy watching!…

  10. Are you a smart student? Visit the GI DevCamp on 10. May 2019 @vectorgrp in Stuttgart. Together with German Computer Association #GI you will learn about automotive E/E trends and engage hands-on in workshops on cybersecurity and more. Details:…

  11. +++ Training: Automotive Cybersecurity +++ May 14th in Novi, USA +++ By @christofebert. Learn the fundamentals and practice of #cybersecurity engineering. Limited seats. Register today:

  12. Happy Labor Day to all of you! And to our dearest teammates who make #VectorVCS happen, thank you! #Labourday2019 #TagderArbeit…

  13. +++ Training: Defensive Coding +++ May 6th in Stuttgart, Germany. Learn about MISRA rules, architecture evaluation, design practices, and static code analysis. Register now:

  14. What are the current most-talked-about automotive safety trends? Our expert Kim Seung Hoon shared Vector knowledge and experience, as keynote speaker in Seoul, on the #ISO26262, #SOTIF, #Security and #Agile. Stay tuned for the presentation!

  15. #Agile teams are best suited for #innovation and #competitiveness. This is how we as consulting team are scaling agile for our own environment:

  16. Combined #safety and #security analysis and test improve efficiency. #VectorVCS training in Shanghai highlights success factors and use of Vector tools. Practice hint: Establish modular document structure for safety case to ease updates and traceability.…

  17. Agile product management is the race of the elephant with greyhounds. Never be satisfied. Do and use your SWOT often. Reinvent your business. Meet us today and chat with leading product managers in Frankfurt @ispma_org 2019 software product summit. Retweeted by Vector Consulting

  18. The Vector Security Symposium 2019 was a big success. Over 200 international attendees listened to presentations of Aptiv, BMW, Conti, Thales, #VectorVCS, #VectorGrp amongst others. Further info and free access to white papers, podcasts, etc. at

  19. 70% of security weaknesses are exploited by third parties. Get insight on #cybersecurity. Aptiv, #BMW, #Continental, Sysgo, #VectorVCS amongst others show latest trends and best practice to harden systems. Join our free event or download white papers. Retweeted by Vector Consulting

  20. #Cybersecurity is today necessary for every engineer. #VectorVCS training shows how cybersecurity can be successfully implemented in #automotive systems. Take a sneak peek: