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Vector Security Symposium (Stuttgart, Germany, 3. Apr. 2019)

3. Vector Cybersecurity Symposium

We cordially invite you to our Cybersecurity Symposium on Wed. 3. April 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany on our new Vector Campus. Join our esteemed customer event in Stuttgart. Meet with decision-makers and security experts from various industries and Vector experts for a day with hands-on experiences.

Cybersecurity is of a growing concern across industries. Security is absolutely mission-critical in most environments, because systems are increasingly open for external penetration and because attackers are eager to hack. Even worse security directly impacts functionality, user experience and safety, and thus has become subject to product liability. For instance, functional safety is not feasible without a concise approach to cover cybersecurity. Based on the specific challenges of security, companies must ensure effective protection against manipulations of electronic systems. Key points in the development of protected systems are the proper identification of security requirements, the systematic realization of security functions, and a security validation to demonstrate that security requirements have been met.

BMW, Continental, Ford, John Deere, Thales-Sysgo and Vector will show together with experts of Vector their security strategies and lessons learned with suitable security guidance.

The Vector Cybersecurity Symposium is admission-free for you as our customers. Use this unique opportunity to discuss with renown experts from different industries and with a selected audience. Take the opportunity to directly interact with expert speakers from various industries and with a selected audience.