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TRW and Vector: "Agile Development" at Euroforum (Stuttgart, Germany, 15. Nov. 2017)

Presentation: Agile in Braking Systems

ZF-TRW and Vector

Venue: Euroforum Agile in Automotive
Stuttgart, 15.-16. Nov. 2017

Projects increasingly have dynamic objectives and volatile requirements with changing constraints. The environment changes during the project and requires a continuous yet focussed adaptation of the project goals, structure and planning. With agile project management changing requirements and constraints can be controlled flexibly and yet reliably. 

Increasing functionality, Multicore µC and Black Box Integration of OEM Software or park brake control supplied by third parties increased complexity of braking system development dramatically. Agile methods were introduced to handle increased complexity. With this first application of agile methods at ZF TRW we could prove feasibility and strong benefits of agile methods in

  • Safety critical system development (ASIL D)
  • Very large projects (> 150 engineers)
  • Projects with very strong dependencies between HW (“ECU or HCU”) and SW.

Improvements were observed in

  • Much faster flow of information
  • Better alignment of decisions
  • Dramatically reduced amount of email
  • Significant improvement in velocity and product quality.

Dr. Ingo Alfter, ZF, since 2015 Chief Engineer System Engineering and System Design.

Dr. Ulrich Bodenhausen, Vector Consultign Services.