EfficiencyDay – Reduce Cost, Increase Efficiency

EfficiencyDay—Bost Efficiency, Cut Cost

EfficiencyDay 2017

Organizer: Hanser Publishing Group with Vector Consulting Services

Date: Tuesday 21. February 2017

Venue: Stuttgart, Germany

Details and Registration: EfficiencyDay 2017

Value for you:

Challenging economic times demand that companies look for ways to increase efficiency. But how do you find the right starting points, how to implement projects faster and remove defects early to save expensive recursions? What methods have been proven in successful companies? Answers and thought-provoking ideas, will be provided at the EfficiencyDay 2017.

The only conference focusing on efficiency in product development of electronic systems will give you insights and benchmarks how to boost your efficiency and competitiveness.

The conference organized by Vector Consulting Services and Hanser Publishing Group will show how to optimize your product development. Industry experts from companies such as Airbus, Bosch, Essence and Ford will present  first-hand experiences on improving efficiency.

Technical products must not only be good, but need to be developed in ever shorter time and with high efficiency. For engineering managers in E/E development, it is today of crucial importance, to assess cost and productivity and to implement objective-driven improvements. Concrete improvements with measurable results need clear concepts and a good implementation. Get current hands-on information from presentations, experiences, benchmarks and best practices about how to optimize development processes and the associated engineering infrastructure. Learn how to successfully implement those changes you consider most relevant.

Focus 2017:

  • Big Data for more efficiency in development—Mastering complexity in practice
  • Learning from successful entrepreneurs—Meet customer requirements, organize growth, live entrepreneural spirit

Advisory Board:
Dr. Ulrich Bodenhausen, Vector Consulting Services
Dr. Dieter Lederer
Dr. Björn Pötter, Airbus
Dr. Dietrich Schäfer-Siebert, Bosch

Review EfficiencyDay 2016:
Just in time with the focus themes "Lean Development" and "Product Management". Lectures with practical experiences to increase efficiency of Airbus, Bosch, Schindler, Xing and Zeiss. Conclusion: Consistently highly satisfied participants, intensive exchange of experience, good networking.
Participant feedback: "The compact and interesting summary of topics from completely different industries provided me with a wide range of impressions and good suggestions."
Frank Melzer, Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH

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