Vector Consulting Services supports companies in introducing management techniques

Distributed Development

Your Situation

Are you working at globally distributed locations? Do you often not have the necessary visibility and insight into the projects? Have the deliveries often insufficient quality and need rework? Are the desired cost advantages not achieved due to interface frictions? Do you know how much efficiency improvement is achieved, and where the hidden potentials lay? Globally distributed development is required in today's system, software and IT development and maintenance. Nevertheless, over half of these projects fail, and the others need 2-3 years to deliver a modest cost advantage.

Our Solution

Vector Consulting Services supports companies with the implementation and improvement of globally distributed engineering and maintenance:

  • Optimizing distributed development through outsourcing, offshoring and rightshoring
  • Introduction of effective cooperation and collaboration models
  • Introduction and implementation of risk management (operational and strategic) for globally distributed development
  • Efficient usage of collaboration tools
  • Iimproving collaboration in requirements engineering, development, testing and project management across distributed sites
  • Supplier management, supplier audits, supplier quality management
  • Metrics and benchmarking of distributed development centers
  • Crisis management and interim project management
  • Skills development and coaching

Your Benefits

Globally distributed development is today an essential tool to have the right skills, to efficiently deliver, and to be present at various locations to ensure the best possible service on a global scale. In many customer projects, we have showed that with the right project management and engineering processes and techniques combined with well-trained managers, the success of globally distributed projects substantially improved.

Vector Consulting Services supports companies in introducing and implementing effective and efficient management techniques

Reference Project

Initial Situation: A supplier for components and systems worked at three locations and found significant deficiencies in quality and turnaround time. Too much reactive energy was needed to synchronize the sites.

Solution: Vector has been asked with improving this globally distributed development in light of changing business models. We analyzed some of the previous projects and talked with employees and managers at the three sites. It soon became clear that this was due both to insufficient development processes and tools, but also to inadequate intercultural competences and soft skills. We developed a specific approach for the customer for globally distributed engineering and helped with coaching at the three sites. For better collaboration, we strengthened standardized tools specifically for distributed project management, requirements engineering and test. One of our managers worked for several months as interim manager at all three locations and thus achieved a better culture match and mutual understanding.

Result: Delivery reliability and quality across the sites improved by about 25 percent. Collaboration culture significantly improved, and the staff across sites again built mutual trust.

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