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Quatic 2019

The International Conference on the Quality of Information and Communications Technology (QUATIC) serves as a forum for disseminating advanced methods, techniques and tools for supporting quality approaches to ICT engineering and management. Practitioners and researchers are encouraged to exchange ideas and approaches on how to adopt a quality culture in ICT process and product improvement and to provide practical studies in varying contexts.

What to expect

Agile development is mandatory to remain flexible and value-oriented at the same time. Although most projects claim usage of agile methods, empirical research shows that a majority sees is rather as a move towards anything goes. Agile practices must be scaled to specific environments such as team set-up, business-risk and quality requirements such as safety. Especially distributed teams face severe difficulties with agile techniques due to distance in time and location.

Vector research provides results from an empirical field study on distributed development with agile practices. The benchmark covers some thirty companies from different regions and industries worldwide. It looks towards how agile methods can be scaled for global teams and distributed development. We found that successful agile adoption needs tailoring, rather than predefined complex frameworks. Lessons learned are provided to facilitate transfer to other settings.

Prof. Dr. Christof Ebert, Managing Director of Vector Consulting Services, is the keynote speaker of this academic conference. He will be presenting Vector's knowledge and experience on "Scaling Agile for Critical Systems".

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