Agile projects need requirements engineering. Our one-day training introduces to agile requirements engineering. It offers many practical examples from our industry projects when introducing agility. The training nicely extends the Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering, Foundation Level. We offer the optional IREB certification as part of the training.

The training RE@Agile extends our standard training by the application of requirements analysis and management to agile projects. The course is thus the ideal addition to the IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering Foundation Level for those who want systematic requirements engineering and traceability in agile product development. The training is dedicated to developers and management and covers agile methods and case studies.

As an agile developer or project manager, you will learn how to achieve systematic requirements engineering with clear specification of requirements both lean and with reliable quality. As a successful requirements engineer or system analyst, you will learn how to use the techniques, methods and processes of requirements engineering in an agile context.

Content and Agenda

  • Requirements Engineering and Agile Methods (Objective, Overview and Methodology, Terms, Industrial Benchmarks)
  • Elicit, document, analyze, verify, negotiate and manage requirements in agile projects
  • Planning with the backlog as an essential management concept
  • Requirements artefacts and documentation of requirements to balance between governance and agility
  • Traps when applying requirements engineering in agile projects
  • Requirements engineering as part of the continuous development process
  • Role of the requirements engineer in the agile environment and communication in agile teams
  • Concrete implementation and best practices (Vector experiences and guidance for improving your own requirements engineering, tool support)
  • Practical questions of the participants

Basis for the training is the curriculum of the IREB. A qualifying examination after the IREB for “RE@Agile Primer” will be offered at the end of the training on a voluntary basis.

Customer Reference

"Thank you very much for sharing your precious experience with this training program."

- Zerong Yu, Robert Bosch Japan

"High practical orientation, concrete personalized action list throughout the entire seminar."

- T. Strauch, Siemens

Inhouse Formats

Do you want to adapt this training to your own examples and challenges? Looking for a workout that delivers practical exercises adjusted to your environment? Then, we suggest that you have this training conducted in-house, where you can decide on focus, speed and the training schedule. We also offer dedicated crash courses for employees and management.

Target Audience

This training targets professionals and executives in engineering and IT, requirements engineers, product managers, marketing and sales personnel, program managers, project managers, buyers, system and software engineers, analysts, consultants, quality managers from companies of all industries and sizes.

About our Trainers

Kai Rüdele is a consultant at Vector Consulting Services. He is an IREB certified Professional for Requirements Engineering. He supports companies worldwide to improve their development processes and change management.


Prof. Dr. Christof Ebert is managing director at Vector Consulting Services. He supports clients around the world to improve product strategy and product development and to manage organizational changes. Before he had been working for ten years in global senior management positions. A trusted advisor for companies around the world and a member of several of industry boards, he is a professor at the University of Stuttgart and at Sorbonne in Paris. He authored several books including the most recent “Global Software and IT” published by Wiley. For many years he has been serving on the editorial Board of the prestigious "IEEE Software" journal. Twitter: @ChristofEbert.


Admission price includes full documentation on paper and as PDF and also our Wiley book on Global Software and IT with lots of best practices, project experiences and state of the art technology. Naturally all participants benefit from our rich coffee breaks and a quality lunch in our spectacular Vector restaurant. Each participant will receive a qualifying certificate for this intensive training.

Ask for our reductions as of 3 participants of the same company.