Fact Sheet Security Solutions

Cybersecurity is absolutely mission-critical in most environments, because systems are increasingly open for external penetration. Functional safety needs cybersecurity to make safety requirements robust. Vector has the widest automotive cybersecurity portfolio covering base software, tools and consulting. Our security experts advise companies worldwide with TARA, Design and Concept, Architecture and Code analysis, Penetration Testing, Virtual Security Manager, Security Process, Tools, Training and Coaching.

Our security solutions cover:

  • Vector SecurityCheck with Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA), security goals and requirements, security concept and strategy
  • Security Testing with PenTesting, code analysis, architecture review and Fuzzing
  • Methodology and tool support for security-oriented tests and resilience
  • Consulting, Training and Coaching for the effective implementation of cybersecurity across the life-cycle
  • Interim Security Manager and remote security support
  • Develop, specify and check security requirements based on threat scenarios and Automotive Common Criteria
  • Sustainable implementation of ISO 27001, SAE J3061, ISO 15408 and forthcoming ISO 21434.

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