Automotive Cybersecurity Webinar

Cybersecurity is of a growing concern across industries. It is today not anymore nice to have, because systems are interconnected, and in one way or the other open for external penetration. Even worse security directly impacts functionality, user experience and safety, and thus has become subject to product liability. For instance, functional safety is not feasible without a concise approach to cover cybersecurity.

OEMs and suppliers must ensure an effective protection against manipulations of automotive E/E systems. Key points in the development of protected E/E systems are the proper identification of security requirements, the systematic realization of security functions, and a security validation to demonstrate that security requirements have been met. Based on our experiences inside Vector and with client projects around the world, we will show typical challenges and highlight suitable security guidance. We show with concrete examples how these practices improve developing secure systems and how these activities can be performed efficiently. Contact us to benefit from our rich security portfolio ranging from base software to tools to services.

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