Vector Forum 2014: Agile Project Management

The Vector Forum 2014 took place on 3. July 2014 at Vector in Stuttgart with the topic "Agile Project Management". Almost seventy executives from industry and experts from Vector Consulting Services met for a half-day sharing of experiences.

Agile Project Management

Projects increasingly have dynamic objectives and volatile requirements with changing constraints. The environment changes during the project and requires a continuous yet focussed adaptation of the project goals, structure and planning. With agile project management changing requirements and constraints can be controlled flexibly and yet reliably. However, not all agile methodologies fit to all environments. For instance, safety-critical systems with long product life-cycles need different approaches than fast software prototypes. Tailored agile project management is increasingly becoming a key success factor for companies.

Interesting presentations and practical discussions evolved around the questions: "How to make agile projects and teams a success?" and "What can be learned from the experiences in other companies?"

Participants Feedback

"Exciting event with very good practice presentations."
-Dr. Camelia Maga, Bosch

"Very successful event!"
-Doris Helzle, brain meets emotion

"Important and very relevant topic, good speakers from different companies."
-Roland Kessler, ebm-papst

 "Excellent! The Vector Forum has stimulated me with several fresh ideas."
-Dr. Christian Lescher, Siemens


Experts from Bosch, MeVis Medical Solutions, Siemens, Trumpf and Vector Consulting Services highlighted with best-practice presentations the opportunities, challenges and results they faced with agile projects and teams in their companies. It was about hard factors such as agile project management techniques, selection of agile methods, agility in system development, in safety-critical environments and distributed teams, but also about soft issues such as communication, collaboration, and organizational change to sustainably implement agility. Conclusion of a participant: "Lots of valuable inputs to an apparently easy subject with lots of inherent challenges." You cannot directly copy agile methods and agile project management, but you can learn from the experiences and mistakes of others for your environment.

Until late in the evening the participants discussed around a dinner on this highly relevant theme to share challenges and solutions from different industries and viewpoints. Several industry journals will further communicate on the Vector Forum 2014. Benefit from our experiences with Lean and Agile and on interim and crisis management with many case studies from practice. We will send you the a summary on the presentations or inform you about our services to optimize your product development.