Vector Forum 2013: Distributed Development — Successful Collaboration across Locations

The Vector Forum 2013 took place on 13. June 2013 at Vector in Stuttgart with the topic "Distributed Development — Successful Collaboration across Locations". Almost sixty executives from industry and experts from Vector Consulting Services met for a half-day sharing of experiences.

Distributed Development

Projects are increasingly distributed across different sites. But distributed teams and suppliers complicate communication and create numerous frictions. Over half of all distributed projects do not achieve their intended objectives and are then canceled. Instead "Rightshoring" needs to be emphasized. Traditional labor cost-based location decisions are replaced by a systematic improvement of business processes in a distributed context. Benefits are tangible, as our clients emphasize: Better multi-site collaboration, clear supplier agreements, and transparent interfaces are the most often reported benefits. There is a simple rule: Only those who professionally manage their distributed projects will succeed in the future.

Interesting presentations and practical discussions evolved around the questions: "How to make geographically distributed projects and teams a success?" and "What can be learned from the experiences in other companies?"

Participants Feedback

"Highly relevant subject, good speakers, insightful and open discussions, very different companies."
-Jörg Eigenmann, Bosch

"I very much liked the Vector Forum. Next year, I will definitely join again."
-Markus Manleitner, Dräger Medical

"I enjoyed your Vector Forum. Very informative and well-done. Looking forward to your next event!"
-Dr. Björn Pötter, EADS

"Good speakers, well organized, and exciting discussions. My congratulations to this very successful event!"
-Arnold Rudorfer, Siemens


Experts from Bosch, Diehl, Magna and Thales and Vector Consulting Services highlighted with best-practice presentations the opportunities, challenges and results they faced with distributed projects and teams in their companies. It was about hard factors such as requirements engineering, distributed documentation and project management, but also soft issues such as communication, collaboration, organizational change, and the impacts of collaborative tools so that teams can work more efficiently and effectively. Conclusion of a participant: "Lots of valuable inputs to a difficult subject." You cannot directly copy solutions, but you can adapt and learn for your own environment from the experiences and mistakes of other companies.

Until late in the evening the participants discussed around a dinner on this highly relevant theme to share challenges and solutions from different industries and viewpoints. Several industry journals will further communicate on the Vector Forum 2013. Proceed to the free downloads of our articles and experiences on "Change Management".