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VectorConsulting Services

Training Automotive Cybersecurity

Automotive cybersecurity is of growing concern for the entire automotive industry. It is a must-have today, because systems are interconnected, and in one way or the other open for external penetration. Even worse, security directly impacts functionality, user experience and safety, and thus has become subject to product liability. For instance, functional safety is not feasible without a concise approach to cover security.

New: Shorter (online) training sessions - easier to fit into your schedule.


"The online training is intensive, yet totally possible for the Home-Office environment. 4 hours per day is a good balance to have information sink into my memory. Vector trainer mastered the online tools to bring the message across effectively. Thank you!"
- Reinier Quast, Inalfa


“This is an excellent training from the ground up till the practical management of a Cybersecurity solution in a given company!”

– a participant of an online training in September 2020


"Outstanding level of expertise in cybersecurity."

- Michael Prantke, Panasonic


"This was a really good online training. I would like to thank Vector Consulting trainers for their 100% commitment."

-  Kamal Kumar Sharma, Aptiv


"High practical orientation, concrete personalized action list throughout the entire seminar."

- T. Strauch, Siemens

Training Goals

Security gains has become a key challenge across industries. More and more systems are networked and are attacked. Absolute security does not exist, but you can effectively protect. Our training is the introduction and implementation of risk-based cybersecurity in practice. The following questions are addressed:

  • How to identify security objectives?
  • How do I assess the security on the basis of basic methods like TARA (Threat and Risk Analysis)
  • How can a security objective be deduced from that?
  • What are the typical threats?

Since there can be no absolute cybersecurity, the focus of the training is on a risk-based approach and on the necessary consistent methodology.

Three different, yet related, approaches will be described in detail, namely:

  • Product, that is cybersecurity at the system level
  • Process, covering the implementation of security concepts in the entire life-cycle
  • Field, that is cybersecurity applicable after-sales activities

Training Agenda

This training provides an introduction to the fundamentals and best practices of cybersecurity engineering based on ISO 21434. It introduces Cybersecurity organization and management as well as basic techniques for specification, analysis, testing of Cybersecurity. Many practical examples from our worldwide projects will emphasize how to implement cybersecurity focused culture inside your company and at reasonable cost. Examples include the full set of methods, such as TARA, but also concrete case studies such as over-the-air (OTA) software upgrades.


  • Cybersecurity foundations for automotive applications
  • Security Standards: ISO-SAE-21434, UNECE R.155 CSMS, UNECE R.156 SUMS
  • Legal obligations and governance, cybersecurity management, culture
  • Project dependent cybersecurity management: responsibilities, plan, and case
  • Risk assessment methodology and TARA, risk level and CAL
  • Systematic security engineering
  • Security by design: HSM, secure boot and SecOC
  • Security by lifecycle: verification, validation and life-cycle management
  • Cybersecurity testing: pen-testing and fuzz-testing
  • Incident response and update management
  • Hands-on exercises on TARA, security concept and testing
  • Vector practical experiences and hands-on case studies
  • Current trends and outlook

Training material: available in English

Breaks: Coffee/Tea around 10:30 and 15:00; lunch break around 12:00.


1000 € plus VAT (3 half days)

Admission price includes full documentation as PDF and also our Technical Articles on
"Automotive Embedded Engineering" (PDF) with lots of best practices, project experiences and state of the art technology. 
Each participant will receive a qualifying Vector certificate for this intensive training.

Get a discount (can be combined):

  • 10% if you register  3-5 employees of your company,
  • 20% for 6-8 employees

  • 30% for 9+ employees

  • 10% if you book at least 60 days in advance

You can save up to 40%, as these discounts can be combined!

  • 70% for full-time students (not combinable, on presentation of valid student card) 


Payment method:


Certificate of Participation

Our training certificate indicates a real value, because:

  • Vector as market leader with AUTOSAR and tools has deep hands-on knowledge about cybersecurity – from own (!) engineering. 
  • Our training provides lots of practical experiences you can apply in your environment.

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Assessment Tool COMPASS

Planning, Execution and Evaluation of Assessments, Audits and Analyses

COMPASS satisfies all requirements that are relevant to an efficient audit and analysis tool. These include support based on different maturity models,  assessment methods and other checks, e.g. Threat and Risk Analysis.

Training Preview

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In this webinar of May 2020, based on our experience inside Vector and client projects, we will describe new standards and experiences. The webinar is structured into four parts: risk-oriented security, systematic security engineering, case studies and examples, conclusions and outlook.
From the prominent Vector Forum to our industry-focused trainings and workshops. Join us at Vector Consulting Services for in-depth knowledge, hands-on experience and important expertise. Take part in our events, expand your network and meet technology leaders all over the world.

Inhouse Formats

Do you want to adapt this training to your own examples and challenges? Looking for a workout that delivers practical exercises adjusted to your environment? Then, we suggest that you have this training conducted in-house, where you can decide on focus, speed and the training schedule. We also offer dedicated crash courses for employees and management. 

Language: German or English.

On request, we offer our inhouse trainings in Chinese, French, Korean and Turkish.

Target Audience

Engineers in product development, system and software engineers, security and safety engineers and managers, architects, engineering managers, project managers, purchasing, quality managers.

About our Trainers

Dr. Arnulf Braatz is a manager at Vector Consulting Services. Previously he worked as a project manager in development projects as well as a software architect. Dr. Braatz supports companies worldwide to improve their safety and security projects, development processes and change management. He works across industries in the field of engineering methods, system and IT architecture, requirements engineering, and to improve efficiency.



Ruschil Ray is a consultant at Vector Consulting Services. She has completed her Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication engineering and has a master’s degree in Information Technology with the specialization in Embedded Systems from University of Stuttgart. She did her master thesis in the automotive cybersecurity domain with a focus on grey-box penetration test strategy. Ruschil supports companies worldwide to improve their security processes and security testing strategies.

Jerome John is a consultant at Vector Consulting Services. He mainly focuses on supporting and guiding the customers to develop cybersecurity concepts and processes. He brings know-how in automotive software development and cybersecurity, specifically grey-box pen-testing and security analysis.

Florian Kanis is a consultant at Vector Consulting Services and supports customers worldwide in improving their cybersecurity processes according to ISO21434 as well as in improving development processes according to ASPICE.
Prior to his work in consulting, he worked for more than 5 years in the field of software development in the AUTOSAR environment in various ECU and SW projects.

Prof. Dr. Christof Ebert is Managing Director of Vector Consulting Services GmbH. He supports companies worldwide in improving their product development and product strategy as well as in change management. He sits on various supervisory boards, is a professor at the University of Stuttgart and the Sorbonne in Paris, and the author of several renowned books. Twitter: @ChristofEbert.


Global Software and IT

A Guide to Distributed Development, Projects, and Outsourcing

"Global Software and IT" is the new book of Vector with experiences and guidance for distributed software and IT projects. This insightful book delivers proven strategies and practices for software development and IT sourcing on a global scale.


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