Systems, HW and SW Engineering

Which architecture supports my quality requirements best? How do I make the transition from system design to hardware, software and mechanics? What technology helps me to develop complex products? Do open source components fit to my products? How to support variants and versions during the life-cycle? How to best introduce and use model-based development towards quality and consistency? How do I best use UML and SysML? How do I most efficiently introduce a modeling tool? Which profiles suit my specific real-time needs? Does my supplier use the right technology? System-, software-, hardware- and mechanical- development requires systematic processes to deliver the right quality on schedule and with the desired budget. Insufficient architecture can severely impact the subsequent quality and maintainability. These challenges require the advice of specialists who bring in hands-on experiences with system-, software-, hardware- and mechanical development.

Our Solution

At Vector Consulting Serviceswe have competent consultants with own experiences in systems-, software-, hardware- and mechanical development. They will get to speed with your products and environment very fast to evaluate your your products and assist in implementation. We build upon the experiences of the Vector Group, particularly in the context of specification, modeling, model-based development, validation, verification, and life cycle management. Vector is supporting thousands of companies worldwide with appropriate tools and engineering services. Vector Consulting Services will help with expertise on modeling, architecture and engineering.

  • Consistent modeling of the specification and system architecture, division in hardware, software and mechanical components, together with continuous validation and verification
  • Architecture review and evaluation on the basis of quality requirements, such as performance, efficiency, safety, information security, maintainability, etc.
  • Introduction and use of our PREEvision modeling environment
  • Introduction and consistent implementation of model-driven development (methodology, tools, data consistency)
  • Quality management for development and supplier interfaces (eg, reviews, quality management, audits)
  • Agile development and Scrum for Systems Engineering, Software, and Hardware

Your Benefits

The Vector Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of tools and services for  development. Vector Consulting Services is an internationally renown expert on system-, software-, hardware- and mechanical development. Our consultants have broad industry experiences with an average of over ten years of professional experience before they became consultants. For our clients we are the prefered partner for systems engineering, architecture, and development. Being partners with companies such as IBM and Siemens, and developer of the tool environment PREEvision, we know the relevant tools and methods, and support our clients in their use.


Reference Project

Initial Situation

A global system supplier had increasing difficulties with the quality and reliability in its development, especially at the transition from system design to the individual components.

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Vector was hired because the customer knew that he needs external hands-on expertise with system-, hardware- and software development to be useful. We developed appropriate methods for system analysis, system design, architecture modeling, interface consistency, and component implementation. Special attention was given to component interfaces and industry standards adherence, because of the application to safety-critical domains. After a pilot phase, where the techniques were evaluated and optimized for different project types, a suitable modelling tool was introduced. We evaluated the architecture to improve interfaces and ease an efficient documentation and traceability for future changes and enhancements. Then we coached developers and team leaders to use the tool and methodology as quickly as possible.

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The integrated modeling achieved an error reduction of 30% together with improved transparency how to systematically handle requirements changes.

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