Your Situation

Are you starting with ISO 26262 introduction? Do you need guidance for efficient yet effective ISO 26262 handling? Do you have challenging requirements on functional safety related to the engineering of automotive software, hardware and systems? Do you have to reliably prove functional safety? The ISO 26262 standards demands that functional safety being developed and validated from the beginning. Complexity of automotive safety-critical functions is growing and must be economically addressed. Liability risks are fierce and customers expect from their suppliers that state of the practice methodologies are applied.

Our Solution

Vector Consulting Services is the preferred supplier on functional safety for many automotive OEMs and suppliers worldwide:

  • Introducing methods and processes for functional safety based on ISO 26262.
  • Support with experiences interim safety managers for OEms and suppliers
  • Safety analysis with techniques such as FMEA, FTA, FMEDA, etc.
  • Review of safety concepts and evaluation of automotive safety-critical systems and components
  • Introduction of safety processes
  • Conducting supplier safety assessments
  • Development, specification and verification of safety requirements
  • Introduction of strategies and methods to ensure information security in technical systems, because functional safety requires information security
  • Training and coaching of safety managers and engineers

Your Benefits

For many years Vector Consulting Services is the preferred supplier on functional safety for automotive OEMs and suppliers. We had been engaged into ISO 26262 since its concept and are today worldwide leaders in its efficient implementation. By embedding functional safety into the product life-cycle combined with state-of-the-practice technologies for system, software and hardware engineering, we support our clients in growing their competences towards delivering proven safety-critical software. We support safety managers in their daily operational work and introduce efficiencient processes to reliably achieve safety without overheads.


Reference Project

Initial situation

A leading automotive supplierhad ti oiptimize the way it addressed functional safety . There was no consistent path from requirements analysis with the OEM to the final proof that safety requirements have been met.

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Vector was asked to introduce the necessary methodology and practices and to efficiently integrate with existing engineering and management processes. The safety standard ISO 26262 was introduced in several steps. In parallel we delivered praxis-oriented trainings to engineering which was adapted to the respective specific roles. Based on the criticality and the ASIL classification we developed a lean yet effective approach to consistently implement safety requirements. We took care that the standard was correctly interpreted and thus avoided overheads.

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With this suite of changes we not only addressed our client's safety requirements but also achieved a tangible culture change in the company with the result that engineers knew how to design for safety along the entire life-cycle. The additional effort of ASIL-C development was only marginally bigger when looked from the total life-cycle cost.

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