Risk Management

Do you know enough about your projects? Can you keep your commitments? How to cope with crisis situations? How to successfully deliver results despite all uncertainties and problems? Half of all software and IT projects fail to meet their originally agreed targets. Another quarter is even abandoned. To improve the success rate of projects, but also to cope with global competitive pressure and with legal requirements from product liability and risk management, it is important for project managers and decision makers to continuously improve their management techniques and skills.

Our Solution

Vector Consulting Services supports companies in introducing and implementing effective and efficient management techniques.

  • Crisis management and interim project management
  • Introducing and optimizing risk management (operational and strategic)
  • Efficient usage of standards such as PMBOK and PRINCE2
  • Improvement of requirements engineering, product strategy, portfolio and product management across departments
  • Supplier management, supplier audits, quality management with suppliers
  • Metrics, indicators, benchmarking
  • Competence development and coaching for project managers and for product managers
  • Company evaluation, Due Diligence, market assessment and improvement

Your Benefits

The application of professional project management is increasingly demanded in tenders, and is crucial to satisfy product liability requirements. In many customer projects, we were able to show that with the right processes and techniques of project management combined with well-trained managers success could be heavily improved.


Customer Reference

"Vector Consulting Services has been supporting Realtech with interim management in a professional and effective way. The structured, methodical and consistent management has sustained our development organization and improved our performance."

- Thomas Mayerbacher, CEO, Realtech Software Products GmbH


"With Vector Consulting Services we have an excellent partner for improving our engineering efficiency and optimizing our life-cycle processes. The systematic hands-on approach is providing tailor-made solutions that deliver sustainable progress."

- Guenther Glas, Head of Systems Automation, MAN


Reference Project

Initial Situation

A supplier of software and components faced with most of its engineering projects massive schedule and quality issues because the necessary management actions were taken too late

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Vector was asked to improve the risk management with respect to changing business models. We identified three root causes to the schedule and quality issues, namely a rather high number of technical risks that were not mitigated in due time, a lack of visibility of projects' content and progress, and unprofessional supplier management. With this background we introduced systematic project management and periodic reviews with major stakeholders in order to sufficiently early assess progress and risks and specifically to ensure adequate corrective actions. Following a pilot phase we trained this new process and then introduced it to all all projects. For six months we coached the project managers and even had one of our managers participating in all project reviews to educate on proper project monitoring and control.

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The effort on project management payed off. We could improve schedule adherence and quality by up to 30 percent.

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