PREEvision Introduction and Method Support

PREEvision is the tool for model-based Electrical/Electronic development from design of the architecture to production readiness. It supports architects, network designers, development and test engineers throughout the development process. Multifaceted functions for requirements engineering, architecture design, design of safety-relevant systems and the collaboration of distributed teams provide the right level of project support.

Vector Consulting Services provides PREEvision Introduction and Method Support, especially with regards to the topic of modelling, agile, safety, requirements engineering and automotive SPICE. 

Our consultants are experienced with PREEvision and acquired valuable expertise as certified PREEvision modeller and configurator. 

Our Observations

  • Software development is often disconnected from other engineering and management activities
  • "We build the software and document and test it later”
  • Requirements, architecture and safety/security concepts are not systematically considered and tested
  • In our 10 most recent customer code quality reviews we have not seen a single adequate architecture description

Our Solutions

In our consulting approach, we support engineering teams to continuously improve processes, reduce rework and seamlessly integrate PREEvision into the engineering processes:

  • Define processes, roles and delegated authority
  • Close-coupling of processes, methods and tools

  • ASPICE management and supporting processes with AGILE methods and integrated tool functionality, i.e. ticketing, review workflows, configuration management, reporting and metrics

  • Ensure compliance with automotive standards, e.g. ISO 26262, ISO/SAE 21434
  • Implement model-driven/reporting methods and close the gap of software engineering
  • Provide templates for KPI tracking and measurement
  • Support continuous improvement activities with coaching and training


Customer Reference

"We have chosen Vector Consulting Services as the strategic partner for optimizing our engineering and assuring our engineering quality. The systematic and always very results-driven approach optimally supports our ambitious goals."

- Joachim Missel, Senior Manager, Research and Development, Daimler 

"Vector Consulting has been for many years our partner for optimizing our engineering processes. With their broad practical background, the team provided lots of good stimulus. On this basis, we achieved significant performance improvement."

- Dr. Ulrich Lefarth, Head of Engineering, Thales

PREEvision with ASPICE

Vector Consulting Services supports companies with PREEvision in reference with the objective-driven usage of Automotive SPICE: 

  • Goals, plans, and strategies based on Gap Analysis 
  • Definition of Interfaces
  • Bi-directional Traceability
  • Consistency and Baselines
  • Reviews and Impact Analysis
  • Resolutions, Tracking to Closure
  • Agreement and Communication
  • Summaries and Reports
  • Escalation Mechanism
  • Schedules
  • Responsibilities and Authorities

PREEvision and Agile

  • Portfolio, large solution, program
  • Vision(s) and Roadmap(s)
  • Alignment and Collaboration, across several agile Teams
  • Roles and delegated Authority
  • Agile Product Delivery
  • Metrics
  • Continuous Learning
  • Customer Centricity
  • Synchronizing Deliverables
  • Built-in Quality Practices