COMPASS Functionality

COMPASS functions enable a wide variety of potential uses.

Highlights of COMPASS include:

  • A simple, intuitive and customizable user interface
  • Maturity model and checklist navigator
  • Clearly organized management of all analysis data
  • Modern IT-platform concept

Analysis Planning

  • Selection of the maturity model and the analysis scope (observed process areas and maximum maturity level)
  • Acquiring of general assessment and audit information
  • Acquiring and management of projects and personnel involved in the assessment as well as interview sessions

Analysis Execution

  • Acquiring and management of observations, document references and measures
  • Typification and status assignments of observations dependent on the assessment and audit method
  • Assignment of observations, document references and measures to the practices of standards and models
  • Simple handling of observations and document references by moving, copying and multiple assignments as well as marking as a “Finding”
  • Ability to access documents directly via document references
  • Full text search to look for specific observations and document references
  • Filter function for selecting observations according to various criteria
  • Shortcuts for quick management of findings

Analysis Evaluation

  • Assignment of ratings based on the particular assessment and audit method
  • Rating recommendations based on calculations
  • Extensive reporting options, model-specific reports
  • Export of reports to MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, PDF and other formats

Special Functions

  • Platform Mode
    Multiple analyses can be performed, combined and analyzed both  network-based and offline. There are corresponding possibilities for evaluation, e.g. to compare results in several projects.
  • Interview Mode
    Observations are acquired in a quick and uncomplicated way in an interview. Only one mouse click is needed per observation – or none if working with keyboard shortcuts. Information that remains static for the duration of an interview is entered once at the beginning of the interview and is inherited by all observations.
  • Split/Merge Mechanisms
    Generally an analysis is performed by multiple assessors, auditors or analists. This makes it necessary to process observations and ratings in parallel by multiple users. COMPASS supports this parallel processing by means of convenient Split and Merge mechanisms.

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