COMPASS - Comprehensive Assessment Tool

COMPASS is a solution of Vector for planning, executing and evaluating assessments, audits and analyses. 

Features and Advantages

COMPASS satisfies all requirements that are relevant to an efficient audit and analysis tool. These include support based on different maturity models,  assessment methods and other checks, e.g. Threat and Risk Analysis. COMPASS is not restricted to one specific maturity model, it rather supports different  models and can be extended to customized models and checks if desired.

In performing audits and checks large amounts of accumulating data must be recorded. In COMPASS these data are managed in a well-structured and clear way. Extensive evaluation and reporting options are provided to assist in the evaluation phase.

Supported Maturity Models and Standards

  • Automotive SPICETM 2.5, 3.x
  • ISO/IEC 15504:2012 (SPICE)
  • ISO 26262:2018
  • CMMI for Development v1.3
  • Threat and Risk Analysis (TARA) according to standards e.g. SAE J3061 and ISO 21434
  • User-specific models can be added (upon request)

Supported Assessment Methods

  • SISO/IEC 15504 (SPICE)
  • User-specific methods can be added (upon request)

COMPASS Factsheet

More information are available in our COMPASS Factsheet. Get to know your advantages with us!

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