Change and Transformation

Better schedule adherence, quality and productivity? Successful introduction of new tools? Smooth integration of a new supplier into your complex product and engineering environment? Optimal handling of restructurings or acquisitions? Professional transformation of your organization? Many improvement initiatives fail because the underlying changes are not adequately managed. Our change management with the preparation, piloting, coaching, effective communication and stepwise implementation ensures and supports effective change. Measurements against the improvement objectives secure sustainable results.

Our Solution

Vector Consulting Services support companies in implementing and managing changes in line with business needs:

  • Implementing change projects with focus on results and considering impacted people, starting with analysis of situation and setting targets through piloting up to roll-out and ensuring sustainability
  • Setting up and guiding cultural changes
  • Support in organizational change, restructuring, and transformations
  • Coaching of employees and management
  • Neutral and objective-driven assessment and development of processes, methods and tools
  • Introduction of engineering and management tools to ease changes

Your Benefits

Half of all improvement projects fail because the necessary changes are not professionally implemented. Change bears multiple risks for organizations. And only few companies are staffed to effectively manage change. Therefore, many organizations stumble, even if they actually know the solution to their problems. We have broad experiences in objective-driven implementation of changes, from setting up the right targets and analyzing the situation up to piloting and sustainable implementation. We know how to manage changes. Our experiences, especially emphasizing soft skills, are available to you to prevent repeating the same mistakes others have already made.


Reference Project

Initial Situation

A global system supplier with distributed engineering at four locations and external suppliers faced an increasing cost pressure and had to restructure its product development to become more lean and focussed.

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Vector was contracted to prepare and introduce a new business model. We first analyzed the existing business model and identified several threatening scenarios such as overly high development cost due to a heterogeneous supplier structure and unclear component structures. To achieve a thorough understanding of the necessary changes we initiated workshops with employees from the different affected domains. It was key that mixed teams hold responsible for specific changes in their respective domains and contributed to change implementation within a defined target range. Thus, they were from the beginning both the owner of the change as well as the change agent. Suitable tools were introduced to improve repeatability and thus efficiency. As a result, there were hardly no fears of the change as they are typical with restructuring and organizational transformations. Within the company it became clear that each step of this change program was managed by the impacted people, and thus was deeply engrained to their operational environment.

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The change project took two years which was slightly more than what the traditional Big Bang approach would have needed, but was more effective and sustainably anchored at any time. Engineering cost were reduced by almost 20%, while the number of high-priority SLA issues to suppliers was reduced by 80%.

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Vector Consulting Services offers a comprehensive suite of training, competence evolution and coaching:

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