AUTOSAR HealthCheck

AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a standardization initiative of leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers that was founded in autumn of 2003. The goal is the development of a reference architecture for ECU software that can manage the growing complexity of ECUs in modern vehicles.

In 2017, the AUTOSAR development partnership added a new standard to its line-up that is based on POSIX operating systems: the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform. The previous AUTOSAR standard will be continued under the name AUTOSAR Classic Platform. Vector provides a field-proven AUTOSAR solution which is tuned to your needs – offering a comprehensive tool range of design and development tools, ECU software and services around AUTOSAR.

Challenges with AUTOSAR Transition

Many AUTOSAR projects lack dedicated architecture resulting in technical debt and rework.


Illusion of a transferable SW architecture due to AUTOSAR framework and good AUTOSAR products
  • Insufficient or no specific architectural activities, just utilization of AUTOSAR tools and technologies
  • No specific documentation of the architecture, just artefacts generated by AUTOSAR tools
No dedicated architecture
  • Architectural driver are not determined leading to unspecific and unfocused architectures
  • No systematic evaluation of an architecture is not possible
  • Design principles and design pattern are not utilized
  • Design decisions are not made explicitly  
Severe quality issues
  • Lack of measurable quality requirements
  • Violations of AUTOSAR conventions
  • Inconsistencies of architecture with implementation
  • The intended integrity of the system is not achieved
  • Severe delays and rework during integration

Our Solutions

Successful AUTOSAR migration is a change project with the 3 dimensions of process, technology and competences. At Vector Consulting we recommend AUTOSAR HealthCheck before starting the transition. The focus areas are: introduction to AUTOSAR, migration from AUTOSAR Classic to Adaptive and efficiency improvement with Vector tools. 

Based on Vector experience and our industry best practices, we will check your current environment, products, architectures and capabilities. Improvements relevant for your successful transition to AUTOSAR will be outlined and implemented. 

With AUTOSAR HealthCheck, risks, weaknesses and gaps will be listed together with specific recommendations, roadmap and alignment for AUTOSAR project. 

The AUTOSAR HealthCheck is performed in the form of a 5-day onsite workshop.


Your Benefits

  • Identification of typical risks and problems
  • Take corrective actions and measures in time
  • Avoidance of costly rework and technically insufficient solutions 
  • Competence development and coaching for software architects
  • Approach AUTOSAR Adaptive with necessary foundations, proper modeling and validation strategy

Customer Feedback

We have chosen Vector Consulting Services as the strategic partner for optimizing our engineering and assuring our engineering quality. The systematic and always very results-driven approach optimally supports our ambitious goals.

- Joachim Missel, Senior Manager, Research and Development, Daimler


Vector Consulting has been for many years our partner for optimizing our engineering processes. With their broad practical background, the team provided lots of good stimulus. On this basis, we achieved significant performance improvement.

- Dr. Ulrich Lefarth, Head of Engineering, Thales

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