Improved schedule adherence, quality and productivity? Do your markets demand a certain maturity level of your engineering processes? Global competition is increasing and the entry hurdles into established markets is getting easier. It is expected that systems with increasing complexity are developed at shorter time and with high quality. Models such as CMMI, Automotive SPICE and ISO 15504 help in improving engineering and management processes. However, they must be well-understood and implemented to provide tangible benefits rather than ending as academic exercises.

Our Solution

Vector Consulting Services supports companies in objective-driven usage of CMMI and SPICE:

  • Training and coaching of projects and management in CMMI and SPICE
  • Official introduction to CMMI with CMMI Institute (previous SEI) certificate
  • Pragmatic and objective-driven application of CMMI and SPICE, based on our broad and long-standing experiences
  • Implementation of comprehensive improvement programs
  • Support to successfully achieve a target maturity level
  • Conducting appraisals with experienced authorized assessors
  • Supplier assessments and optimization of supplier processes
  • Process and project assessments with CMMI and (Automotive) SPICE
  • Application of CMMI and SPICE to improve systems, software, hardware and mechanics development

Your Benefits

For many years we have together with our clients implemented CMMI and SPICE in various industries. Our customers gained competitive advantages by optimized and lean processes. They have been enabled to deliver more projects in time, within budget and with the requested quality. Your direct benefits are measurable improvements after a short time.


Reference Project

Initial Situation

A Fortune 100 company with globally distributed development was looking for a lean approach to improve engineering processes and enhance its capability to deliver. The objective was to gain tangible improvements that sustainably enhance efficiency in their various product lines.

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We implemented individually tailored improvement projects for each of the business units in order to address their respective challenges, needs and products. Improvement objectives and milestones were derived from business objectives. They were realized with incremental improvement steps to avoid overly long cycles with no measurable results. CMMI served as a tool to orchestrate improvements and to get orientation with suitable industry benchmarks.

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With our incremental approach the company could reduce their field failure rates by 10-20% on a yearly basis while at the same time reducing their cost of non-quality by over 20% per year.

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Customer Reference

With the support of Vector we successfully achieved CMMI Maturity Level 3. This is the basis for continuous improvement of our daily work with a focus on efficiency and quality.
(Norbert Montag, Head of Engineering, Thales Rail Signalling Solutions)


Vector Consulting Services offers a comprehensive suite of training, competence evolution and coaching:

Contact us for tailored Inhouse trainings on Automotive SPICE and CMMI.