Agile and Lean Development

Do you want to focus more on value generation and less on bureaucracy? Are you determined to introduce Lean and Agile techniques, such as Lean development or Scrum? Do you need to sustainably improve development flexibility? Are your engineering cost increasing due to too many variants, rework and inefficient workflows? Looking for industry-proven techniques to use Lean Development and Agile Principles to make your engineering processes more efficient? Not all what is advocated by gurus actually delivers value. Today engineering management must use tailored approaches based on state of the practice lean and agile techniques.

Our Solution

Vector Consulting Services supports companies with introducing and implementing Lean and Agile techniques:

  • Certified Scrum Master for your projects
  • Scrum Implementation and Coaching
  • Scrum for Systems Engineering, Software, and Hardware
  • Lean Development adoption and usage
  • Agile product management and requirements engineering
  • Vector Efficiency-Check to evaluate your efficiency potentials
  • Analyzing, evaluating and optimizing cost structures
  • Reducing rework and complexity
  • Implementing variant management
  • Introducing product families to optimize platform strategies

Your Benefits

Many clients worldwide are using the broad experiences of Vector Consulting Services to introduce, coach and use Lean and Agile principles. The advantage: Pragmatic adoption and getting projects and teams on board.


Reference Project

Initial Situation

An world renown supplier in systems and security faced the clear need to improve product development flexibility and quality in order to remain competitive against global competition. It became immediately obvious that he would not succeed with implementing the necessary changes on his own. The risk was too high that targets would only partially be achieved and that employees would try to stick to existing structures.

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With the support of Vector a customized introduction of practically useful techniques from Agile and Lean Development was implemented. We focussed on four topics: Early specification of requirements with all relevant stakeholders, consistent preparation of the approval team, incremental development with defined quality standards, and early defect detection and protection of the version levels. Adoption of the underlying agile and lean practices took a bit longer because of the ongoing work in security-critical projects. In the end the worldwide engineering teams had been made ​​a lot more powerful.

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The cost of rework and cycle time until approval over the entire product life cycle could be improved by up to 30% with focus on more efficient development.

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Agile @ VCS

We walk the talk...


Vector Consulting Services offers a comprehensive suite of training, competence evolution and coaching:

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