The Vector ASPICE training was very helpful, understandable and well structured. Top training, top trainer! Can only be recommended!I got a very good overview of ASPICE and when I search for details in the future I know exactly where to look.

-  Stefan Anspann, Magna


This was a really good online training. I would like to thank Vector Consulting trainers for their 100% commitment.

- Kamal Kumar Sharma, Aptiv


Thanks to Vector Consulting for the great online training. It was very useful for my understanding. I will consult the training materials if some kind of doubt emerge in the future.

- Douglas Albelo, Mercedes-Benz


Vector Consulting Services is the right partner for Huawei. You helped us ramping up cybersecurity competences at Huawei with your experiences from TARA and security concept to verification and security testing.

- Li Hailin, Smart Car Solution


Your virtual training was running very smoothly. Thanks very much to Vector Consulting for your great efforts in answering all our questions in a professional manner and giving us best practices to use in our daily work!

- Eberhard Pflüger, Systems Engineering


Vector Consulting Services is a good partner for Claas to implement cybersecurity. Claas had great benefits from the Vector team for TARA and Security Engineering.

- Alexander Grossmann, Manager


Thank you very much for sharing your precious experience with this training program.

- Zerong Yu, Manager


We have chosen Vector Consulting Services as the strategic partner for optimizing our engineering and assuring our engineering quality. The systematic and always very results-driven approach optimally supports our ambitious goals.

- Joachim Missel, Senior Manager, Research and Development

Securitas Direct

With the support from Vector, our time to market and quality of releases improved a lot. It was very, very visible. We and our supplier are both very satisfied with the achieved engineering maturity.

- Manuel Ramos Gullón, Director Quality


Outstanding training on project management! Much better than usual trainings following PMBOK, because Vector provides lots of practical guidance.

- Alexandra Zink-Colacicco, Human Resources

Excellent and very professional support. Vector takes the extra step to deliver results that perfectly fit to ebmpapst.

- Michael Huber, Director Quality


I appreciate Vector Consulting Services as a very experienced partner for improving our requirements engineering at our global software development teams.

- Florian Frischmuth, Chief Engineer


Vector Consulting Services supported Panasonic with cybersecurity, demonstrating an outstanding level of expertise. The goal of a comprehensive TARA integrated into a security concept was achieved. The support was intense and very successful!

- Michael Prantke, Project Manager


Thanks to your great work Qoros successfully built up Functional Safety capabilities. Vector Consulting Services is today our preferred partner for improving systems engineering.

- Yusheng Xie, Senior Manager


With Vector Consulting Services we have an excellent partner for improving our engineering efficiency and optimizing our life-cycle processes. The systematic hands-on approach is providing tailor-made solutions that deliver sustainable progress.

- Guenther Glas, Head of Systems Automation


Vector Consulting has been supporting Realtech with interim management in a professional and effective way. The structured, methodical and consistent management has sustained our development organization and improved our performance.

- Thomas Mayerbacher, CEO


Vector has given great support to Keboda in order to build a mature R&D program. In the challenge for Keboda to enter the international market,Vector is very helpful in normalizing their software’s development progress.

- James Wang, VP Project Management


Vector Consulting has been for many years our partner for optimizing our engineering processes. With their broad practical background, the team provided lots of good stimulus. On this basis, we achieved significant performance improvement.

- Dr. Ulrich Lefarth, Head of Engineering


Vector Consulting Services delivered a high quality of work in the shortest possible time. Very professional consulting!

- Uli Moehlmann, Director LTE


Many thanks for the good support in product management.

- Dirk Bracklow, Team Manager Product Management


Excellent quality and value.

- Bob Yacobellis, Senior Director, Software Process & Quality

Diehl Aerospace

With Vector Consulting Services we found a partner for support in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) who brings profound practical experiences and who very well adjusted to our needs and environment. Our cooperation is therefore very productive.

- Horst Pitthan, Head of PIT & Tools



Vector Consulting Services delivered a high quality of work in the shortest possible time. We were extremely satisfied with their project safety assessment, the identified measures and the proposed roadmap.

- Dr. Oliver Koester, Manager Product Engineering & Validation


With the experiences and support of Vector Consulting Services Thales Rail Signaling Solutions has identified and implemented within a short time improvements and successfully achieved CMMI Maturity Level 3. This is the basis for continuous improvement of our daily work with a focus on efficiency and quality.

- Norbert Montag, Head of Engineering

Kromberg & Schubert

We have selected Vector Consulting Services as a partner for optimizing our engineering processes as they bring a broad range of hands-on, practical experience and are perfectly suited to our projects. Our cooperation is therefore very productive.

- Martin Widmaier, Director Electrical Systems


With the valuable inputs of Vector Consulting Services we made our risk management more pragmatic.

- Manfred Dornseiff, Head of Quality, Processes and Tools


We have decided for Vector Consulting Services as a partner for optimizing our engineering. With their professional, pleasant and thoroughly customer-oriented way of working, we have achieved exceptionally good results.

- Ulrich aus dem Moore, Head of E/E Engineering


I appreciate Vector Consulting Services as a very experienced and conscientious partner for introducing effective engineering processes to systematically ensure good product quality for pilot and series development.

- Stephan Rinderknecht, Head of Engineering


With Vector Consulting Services, we found the ideal partner for optimizing our outsourcing and supplier management.

- Herbert Veicht, Manager Provisioning