Vector Forum 2018: Agile in Practice

The Vector Forum 2018 focused on the topic "Agile in Practice". ABB, Bosch, Essence, Ford, ZF and Vector showed how to scale agile methods for their specific environments and how to cope with needs of critical systems.

Agile in Practice

Flexibility and cost must continuously improve to stay globally competitive. Bringing innovations with good quality to the market along with continuous efficiency improvement and cost reduction is the leading theme in our customer survey "Industry Trends".

Agile techniques are the main driver for flexibility and efficiency. But how to implement agility? Methods from the textbook are hardly suitable for practice. Governance and compliance need to be balanced with lean practices in the specific context. Current models such as SAFe are complex and address the corporate portfolio, but not the specific requirements of critical systems.

The Vector Forum 2018 provided suitable answers. Around 120 decision makers and experts from Vector met for a half day of sharing their experiences. In practical lectures company representatives from different industry sectors presented case studies, methodology and trends. In discussions and networking during breaks and lunch, attendees took the opportunity to probe further. Four Vector booths on Agile, Safety, Cybersecurity and ASPICE provided on-site.

Participants Feedback

"Recommended event for those interested in quality talks and contacts with the relevant experts."
-Lorenz Slansky, Daimler

"Highly attractive conference program due to its variety of speakers and a sophisticated organization. We will certainly come back next year."
-Dr. Robert K. Schmidt, Denso

"Many thanks for inviting me to the Vector Forum. Outstanding event! I enjoyed it as before."
-Dr. Andre Weimerskirch, Lear

"Many new ideas and stimulus from your as usual excellent Vector Forum."
-Dr. Ulrich Lefarth, Thales


  • Welcome - Agile Scaling Experiences
    Dr. Christof Ebert, Vector Consulting Services
  • Agile for Critical Automotive Systems
    Dr. Ingo Alfter, ZF
  • Scaled Agility for Embedded Systems
    Alexander Gygax, ABB
  • Scaling Agile – Experiences and Benchmarks
    Walter Bernet, Vector Consulting Services
  • Embedded Agile for Internet of Things
    Edith Bakst, Essence
  • Verification and Validation of Critical Systems in Agile Development
    Helmut Bunge, Bosch
  • Systems Engineering Meets Agile – an OEM View
    Frank Kirschke-Biller, Ford

The VP engineering of a global supplier concluded: "Highly relevant insights. The discussions in the breaks have perfectly rounded off this extremely successful event."

Various magazines will report on the Vector Forum. Benefit from our experience on Agile with many agile transformation projects worldwide. Upon your request we will send you a summary of the presentations and inform you about our consulting solutions for your specific needs.