Vector Forum 2017: Connectivity – Smart Systems and Services

The Vector Forum 2017 took place on 29. June in Stuttgart at the new Vector Campus. Market leaders from different industries presented experiences on the theme "Connectivity – Smart Systems and Services".

Connectivity – Smart Systems and Services

Connectivity is the leading theme in our customer survey "Industry Trends 2017". Connectivity is the prerequisite for digital transformation and enables the realtime observation and control of systems and processes. It is the link between the real world and the digital world. This includes data acquisition, analysis and modeling as well as the necessary information technology and networking. Autonomous driving, predictive maintenance, IoT and Industry 4.0 are current application areas which we will dive into.

Around 80 decision makers and experts from Vector met for a half day of sharing their experiences. In practical lectures company representatives from different industry sectors presented case studies, methodology and trends. At a nice BBQ dinner the participants intensively discussed their own challenges and how to approach them.

Participants Feedback

"Again a very successful event!"
-Doris Helzle, brain meets emotion

"Recommended event for those interested in quality talks and contacts with the relevant experts."
-Lorenz Slansky, Daimler

"Highly attractive conference program due to its variety of speakers and a sophisticated organization. We will certainly come back next year."
-Dr. Robert K. Schmidt, Denso

"Many new ideas and stimulus from your as usual excellent Vector Forum."
-Dr. Ulrich Lefarth, Thales


BMW, Bosch, Essence, Ford, Vodafone and Vector emphasized their strategies on connectivity. They presented their experiences on the following themes:

  • Gerhard Mack, Vodafone Deutschland, COO: "Innovative Services for Connectivity and Mobility"
  • Dr. Haim Amir, Essence, CEO: "Connectivity for innovative IoT solutions"
  • Joerg Schaeufele, Vector Informatik, Product Manager: "Enabling Connectivity with Service-Oriented Architectures"
  • Dr. Matthias Traub, BMW, Chief Architect: "Innovative E/E system architecture as enabler for networked mobility"
  • Frank Kirschke-Biller, Ford, Manager Central Software and Systems Engineering: "Systems Engineering and Security requirements for Connectivity"
  • Dr. Ulrich Bodenhausen, Vector Consulting Services, Manager: "Enabling Connectivity: Specification, Integration and Convergence"

The CEO of a connectivity market leader remarked: "Perfectly organized with highly relevant topics and an excellent engineering focus."

Various magazines will report on the Vector Forum 2017. Benefit from our experience on connectivity and cyber security with many practical case studies. We will send you a summary of the presentations or inform you about our services.