Vector Forum 2015: Mastering Complexity

Who controls complexity and manages it in the company without losing flexibility towards customers can use this strength as clear competitive advantage.

Mastering Complexity

The complexity of products, processes and organizations is growing. Unnecessary features, variants, changes, organizational interfaces, as well as following new standards and governance requirements increase both cost and defects. Not surprising, complexity ranks highest as a challenge in our Vector client survey 2015.

The Vector Forum 2015 took place on 11. June at Vector in Stuttgart with the theme "Mastering Complexity - Modular products, flexible processes, effective organizations". Sixty decision makers industry and experts from Vector Consulting Services met for a half-day sharing of experiences. In practical lectures company representatives from different industriy sectors shared their experiences. The participants intensively discussed their own challenges and how to approach them.

Based on concrete case studies Vector experts explained, how this can be implemented in your envrionment. Interesting presentations and practical discussions revolved around the question: "How do I assess and control complexity in products?", "How can I best manage projects in complex environments?"and more generally valid for all participants "What can I learn from the experiences in other companies?"

Participants Feedback

"Very informative and professional presentations. The conversations in the break and at the dinner buffet were interesting and perfectly rounded off this extremely successful event."
-Ottmar Bender, Airbus Defence and Space

"Very stimulating presentations. Good speakers from different companies. "
-Christina Kalff, Inopus

"Excellent! The Vector Forum has triggered many new ideas."
-Dr. Christian Lescher, Siemens


Experts of Airbus, BMW, TRW and ZF showed how to master the complexity in products, organizations and processes. It was about hard factors such as modularization of products and efficient control of functional and component dependencies, benchmarking product development, introducing agile techniques and lean life cycles, implementing architectural design and documentation, efficiently applying  heterogeneous standards in critical systems, as well as soft issues such as design and control of distributed development teams, collaboration and changes in organizations in order to effectively control complexity.

The conclusion of an engineering VP in an international company: "Very informative and competent presentations. The discussions in the break and at the dinner buffet were interesting and perfectly rounded off this extremely successful event." Of course the techniques for mastering complexity cannot be directly copied because everyone has their own products and culture. But you can learn for your environment from the experience and mistakes of others.

Until late in the evening the participants discussed during an informal dinner this topic, and looked at specific challenges and solutions from different angles. Various magazines will report on the Vector Forum 2015. Benefit from our experience on the mastering complex systems and organizations, and for interim and crisis management with many case studies from practice. We will send you a summary of the presentations or inform you about our services.