Trends Survey of Vector Consulting Services

The four ACES - Autonomy, Convergence, Ecology and Services have conquered all high-tech industries. Yet, priorities are heavily shifting with the weakening economic climate. Autonomy has started its slow-down along the hype cycle, while ecology gets to speed. Vector has surveyed industry leaders from across the world. This report provides survey results as well as hands-on recommendations for engineering and learning from our global consulting projects. It also underlines the balance of efficiency, quality and competences to remain a winner even in stormy weathers.


Trends for Thriving Twenties

Industry Trends and Action Stimulus

Amid global economic at a turning point, Vector Consulting has been asking industry partners worldwide to provide their view on industry challenges. We have been asking over 2000 decision-makers in companies in worldwide business-to-business (B2B) context on the top three challenges that they face.


Christof Ebert

Christof Ebert is the managing director of Vector Consulting Services. A trusted advisor for companies around the world and a member of industry boards, he authored several books. He serves on the IEEE Software editorial board. A professor at the University of Stuttgart and the Sorbonne in Paris, he cares for continuous education and is building bridges from industry to science and vice versa. Christof is the author of several renowned books. Follow him on Twitter: @ChristofEbert.

Anh Kim

Anh Kim leads the marketing competence at Vector Consulting Services. She brings a variety of consulting experiences across industries and regions, with a focus on Asia and Europe. Contact her at