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The 27th IEEE International Conference

The 27th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE'19) is the premier international forum for researchers, practitioners, educators, and students to present and discuss the most recent innovations, experiences, and concerns in the discipline of requirements engineering.


RE'19 will offer an extensive program of interest to academia, government and industry. It will include several distinguished keynote speakers and three conference days with full of research papers, industry papers, RE@Next papers, panels, posters and demos. The conference will also feature a series of exciting tutorials to develop skills in and advance awareness of RE practices of particular interest to industry.


RE'19 theme is RE and Collective Intelligence in the Days of AI.

What to expect

Prof. Dr. Christof Ebert, Managing Director of Vector Consulting Services, will give an intensive half-day tutorial on "Security Requirements Engineering: From TARA to PenTest".

The tutorial brings the necessary underlying foundations of security requirements engineering. It will introduce to the basic RE concepts in cybersecurity, such as identifying assets, developing a Threat and Risk Analysis (TARA), deriving security requirements, and connecting them with the necessary traceability to design and test.

A specific focus is given to novel test methods in cybersecurity which directly base upon RE techniques, such as Penetration testing and its link to misuse cases, abuse case and confuse cases. To facilitate good transfer of results, the tutorial will have two hands‐on interactive sessions, namely to develop a TARA with quality requirements engineering, and to derive a grey‐box PenTest with traceability to requirements.

Vector Solutions

Vector experiences from various industrial projects in a variety of systems and applications show that a good understanding and a systematic treatment of requirements are critical to project success. In various client projects, we could reduce the cost of rework from insufficient requirements by up to 30%. Vector Consulting Services can help with selecting and improving tools and expertise.

  • Consistent requirements engineering from specification to system architecture, component design, to the systematic validation and verification
  • Requirements reviews and evaluation on the basis of quality requirements, such as performance, efficiency, safety, information security, maintainability, etc.
  • Introduction of requirements engineering tools
  • Efficient implementation of model-driven development (methodology, tools, data consistency)
  • Quality management in the development and vendor interfaces (eg, reviews, quality management, audits)
  • Optimization of specifications and facilitation of customer-supplier workshops for better cooperation and win-win results

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