Effective Reuse - From Consistent Requirements to Variant Management

Product lines are an extremely important lever to control complexity and to achieve quality throughout. New applications are usually faster to market, if they have already been developed for a different market. Development, integration and production cost, and thus the overall product cost decrease. Due to the reuse and the lower proportion to integrate components, companies such as Robert Bosch, Siemens and Volkswagen have achieved efficiency gains of 10-30 %. For instance, we were able to reduce the cost of rework over the entire product life cycle by 20-50% with reuse-oriented requirements engineering. Our presentation shows industry experience with Stihl and offers guidance in the implementation of product line concepts with a focus on requirements engineering. We show how requirements are formalized so that dependencies and reuse concepts can be implemented early and consistently. Thus, the requirements are precisely formulated and are used to ensure consistency and completion. They can still be understood and validated by stakeholders of diverse backgrounds. Concrete results from the reuse concepts, the underlying change management and PREEvision tool support at Stihl are presented. We highlight experiences in setting up a product line concept in an existing product scope.

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