Measurement of Software Size: Contributions of COSMIC to Estimation Improvements

Estimation matters. Many projects and smart business ideas fail for lack of delivering on time and budget. A common need in every field is thus to forecast and estimate. Estimation is an engineering discipline based on experience, data, transparent methods and common-sense. COSMIC, the Common Software Measurement International Consortium was created by an international group to develop a standard, ‘open’ measurement system and project estimation methods applicable to all types of software used in business and the real-time world. Estimation and measurement methods are rarely used properly in industry and the public sector, contributing to the high level of project failures and over-runs. To improve both your project performance and productivity, we recommend starting right away with introducing or improving the estimation process with a closed loop of estimation, planning, measuring, and periodically improving your estimates. Read this award-winning paper and learn about best measurement and estimation practices.


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